Top 10 Best Makeup Artists in Delhi

Bridal Makeup

Be it a wedding day or any other wedding celebration, every bride and their bridesmaid needs makeup, and a makeup artist to doll up and look stunning for the big day!

And if you stay in Delhi, it can be a bit difficult for you to find a best makeup artist meeting all your liking, which is why we have a list of top 10 makeup artists in Delhi. From finding top wedding venues in Delhi to finding a makeup artist, we have figured it all out for you!

1. Leena Bhushan

Leena Bhushan is one of the famous names in the celebrity makeup artist industry and comes in the list of top 10 makeup artists in Delhi, from Mehendi and sangeet to the wedding day! she has it all on her list.  Her brides are beautifully glammed up for their D-days to look their best. Showing out remarkable services, she and her team strive to work towards satisfactory service. Highlighting your every face element brightly, Leena makes sure that you don’t just look ravishing but also, perfect. Be ready to glow on your wedding day if you hire them.

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bridal makeup
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top 10 makeup artist in Delhi
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2. Palak Khanna Makeovers

Palak Khanna is also one of the finest and best makeup artists and proposes makeup services for every function. Known for her subtle and glamourous makeup she is one of the skillful makeup artists based in Delhi and offers a wide range of makeup and styling options and guarantees the use of a top-quality international brand of cosmetics.

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subtle bridal makeup
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natural makeup look
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3. Shruti Sharma Bridal Makeup

Shruti Sharma is also one of the known celebrity makeup artists and best bridal makeup artists, her makeup definition is impeccable with a charismatic look including natural eye makeup. Her everyday practice is to not put layers and layers of makeup on the client’s face; rather, the focus is on subtly but impactfully enhancing the facial features such as eyes and lips. She can add a memorable touch to your wedding and that is why you should think about considering her for your wedding!

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4. Meenakshi Dutt Makeovers

Meenakshi Dutt makeovers bring you the best bridal makeup artist based in Delhi, She offers a wide range of makeup patterns with her skilled team standing by her side. Also, she believes in making the best out of every bride’s day and giving them the look every bride wishes for! According to her makeovers are important as they make your face look radiant and give a distinctive look for any kind of occasion.

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5. Meera Sakhrani

Being a best professional makeup artist, Megha Sakhrani and her hairstylist will give you a dream-like makeover for all your special occasions. She believes in looking natural and elegant on your wedding day and can transform you into an HD version of yourself and not just that, her expertise extends from fabulous custom makeups to enchanting hairdos for your special day We have every reason listen of why she deserves to be the part of your wedding day and you can’t deny that!

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top 10 bridal makeup artist in delhi
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Meera Sakhrani MUA

6. Paveena Rathour

Paveena’s work has been deeply appreciated by clients and that is why Paveena has become a brand representing trust when it comes to bridal and party makeups. Her services are impeccable and her talent is immeasurable when it comes to finding a best bridal makeup artist in Delhi. With soft hues and classy tones, she gives her best to the brides and makes them look adorable for their weddings.

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subtle makeup look
Paveena Rathour
By – Paveena Rathour

7. Kriti Chhabra

Kriti Chhabra is also one of the makeup artists based in Delhi and offers services for every function. Expert in natural and dusky makeup looks, she and her team makes sure that the bride gets the exact look she thought of, which is why you can book this makeup artist for your wedding day or for other wedding festivities

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8. Rimani Mahajan

Be it a wedding day or a cocktail party, this bridal makeup artist can glow you up for any wedding function, for her makeup is something when done with the required expertise, aids in enhancing one’s features, and dabbing on an extra layer of confidence. And that is what every bride wishes to have on her bog day – CONFIDENCE

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eye makeup look
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9. Isha Khanna

This makeup artist not only represents extensive industry experience but also comes across as one of the few artists who are in tune with the latest trends. Her services include making the bride the most beautiful she has ever looked on her special day, followed by her trained team. She can make you look 10 times more gorgeous that you would never regret choosing her!

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10. Krushhh By Konica

She is also one of the best makeup artists based in Delhi. There is always an instant glow and accurate shades defined in her makeup that makes the bride looks more ravishing, she is opting to give all of her skills to make the bride look beautiful for her important yet very big day.

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1. Best bridal makeup artist in Delhi under 12k?

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2. How much can a makeup artist charge for bridal makeup?

Any bridal makeup artist’s range starts from 5000 and can go for up to 1-2 lakh depending upon the type of makeup you are planning to opt for

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