10 Bridal Makeup Ideas for Dusky looks for Indian bride

Bridal makeup

Dusky skin tone, also known as sun-kissed, tanned, olive skin is quite common in India, given the generous amount of heat from the sun. While this skin tone is warm, cosy, and sweetly attractive, brides always think they have limited options in terms of makeup. But here we have gathered 10 Dusky Bridal Makeup looks to look stunning on your D-Day.

1. Shimmery Bronze Eyes with Winged Liner

Bronze or metallic shadow with kohled eyes is a drop-dead-gorgeous combination for Dusky brides.

Dusky bride makeup look
Image Source: vikas.vks.makeupartist via Instagram

2. Glittery Pink eyes and Glossy Red Lips

This look has all our hearts. With shining pink eyes and bright red lips, get ready to jump into your fairytale.

3. Winged Eyeliner with Deep Lips

Winged Liner looks great on any skin, and it is certain to make your eyes stand out. Also, deep or brown lips is a simple yet elegant look.

Winged Eyeliner
Makeup by: Shafiya Makeover

With red lips.

Simple makeup
Image Source: Pinterest

4. Dusky Bridal Makeup Ideas – Clear Brown Skin with Red lips

Smooth Brown skin can never go unnoticed and is sure to stand out. The Dark red lips matching the outfit, and kohled eyes are an add-on to the beautiful look.

Elegant makeup
Image Source: nilaharan via Instagram

5. Smokey Eyes with Red Lips

Smokey eyes looks good on Dusky skin..? Nah. Dusky skin is perfect to handle the Smokey eyes makeup look. Additionally, kohled eyes take it to another level. When matched with dark red lips, this look is extraordinarily attractive.

Falsies are sure to enhance the beauty of Smokey eyes look.

6. Dusky Bridal Makeup Ideas with Raspberry Lips and Highlighted Cheekbones

While dusky brides prefer brownish or nude lips, adding a bit of a unique colour works like magic. This raspberry lips is highly impressive.

7. Colour co-ordination of outfit and facial makeup

While opting shades for eye shadow or lips, choosing a colour that matches your saree or lehenga is very preferable.

wedding bridal makeup
Image Source: Pinterest

8. Pink Lips with Thick eyebrows

The common ‘Pink Lips’ is an evergreen trend. These brides nailed the look with soft-angled eyebrows.

wedding eye makeup
Makeup by: Namrata Satwani

With Nude lips.

south indian bridal  makeup
Image Source: Pinterest

9. Glittery Bronze eye shadow with Bright Lips

We are crushing over this look, the hard-angled eyebrows, metallic kohled eyes with falsies, and bright pink lips- the bride is stunningly gorgeous. Her soft brown skin seemingly carries it all easily.

Traditional Indian bridal makeup
Makeup by: Shafiya Makeover
Top bridal makeup ideas
Image Source: Pinterest
Dusky bride makeup look
Image Source: glambynita via Instagram

10. Minimal Bridal Makeup Look Ideas for Dusky Brides

Less is the new yes. Brides prefer their look on D-Day to be natural and comfortable. Dusky brides seem effortlessly beautiful in minimal makeup, showing off their warm, flawless brown skin.

Minimal makeup look
Makeup by: Pinterest
Indian bride
Image Source: Pinterest

These are some of the Dusky Bridal looks that are sure to make you stand out. Hope you found your inspiration to show these to your Makeup Artist. No matter the type of skin tone you have, Makeup Artists are always committed to make you look your best on your special day. Having some ideas handy will always be helpful, though. Which one is your favourite? Comment to let us know.

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