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Lucky are those who have sisters! Growing up with a sister can be both fun and annoying. It’s the most intense love/hate relationship one can ever have. Nonetheless, it’s a bond like no other. Whether you’re a responsible elder sister or elder brother, you know she has your back. And if your adorable sister is getting married, you’ll need some heartfelt and thoughtful wedding wishes for sister to commemorate the occasion.

Undeniably, watching your loving sister getting married is both a sweet and a bittersweet experience. On one side, you will be excited and happy, but on the other side, you will be sad due to the thought of her leaving the parental home soon.

Photo Ideas For Brides With Their Sister(s)

▪︎The Getting Ready Shots

She will help you with your shoes, your jhumkas and even the dori of your blouse. As the sister of the bride, her outfit will be the least of her concerns. She is going to be integral when you’re dressing up for your D-Day and she will give you that courage every time you feel the wedding jitters. Capturing her genuine and essential role in helping you prepare your ensemble is something you’d want to keep around for a long, long time. 

▪︎The One With The Party Before The Wedding Shenanigans

Before the wedding begins, every bride needs some time to relax and maybe sip on some champagne. If you’re the nervous kinda bride, she will give you a shot of tequila to get rid of any rumbling and rolling stomachs. Moments, where your sisters share your happiness with you along with a glass of fine wine, are the best kind of captures. So make sure you pop the bubbly before you walk down the aisle!

Shot by The Wedding Story , Kolkata

Source Shradha Bhansali

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▪︎Your Sisters Where They ‘Pose Up A Storm’

Embellished in designer outfits, photographs of sisters squads dressed to impress are what help keep the memory alive. Take inspo from these sisters who pose with the bride with utter finesse. With almost pro-model like shot, these sisters are goals when it comes to wedding photography! 


You’ve grown up fighting over the last slice of pizza, and the television remote. Your first-ever ‘parent-less’ vacay was with her. You took your first jump into the waters of a pool with her by your side. She’s been the confidant for your first crush, your first heartbreak, your guilty pleasures and basically your every little secret. She is your sister who was your first best friend and no one can ever replace her. 👭

From being your emotional pillars to your drinking buddy, your sister is the only person you can rely on to lift you when you fall (after she’s done laughing, of course). They make good times even better and hard times just a bit easier. In fact, on your wedding day, the one person you will always look to for unconditional understanding, support and help is your sister. 

▪︎Double Trouble Sisters 😜

Two brides are a party when it comes to weddings. While some may argue otherwise, we love sisters who decide to get married on the same day. The double trouble duo is nothing short of fun and adventure. (P.S. we are overjoyed to see the twin sister brides rocking a pose in a jeep on their wedding day in matching outfits!)

Source SBk Wedding Company

▪︎ Stunning Pictures Where The Sister Gang Slays in Co-ordination

You can do this one too many ways. With similar poses to coordinated outfits, group photos of your sisters with you in such manner are memorable. The aesthetics of these pictures will leave everyone in awe.  

Shot by The Wedding Story , Kolkata

▪︎ Beautiful Marriage Wishes and Messages for Sister

“I’m so delighted to see you happy in the arms of a man who deserves your love. I’m confident he’ll make you even happier, and that’s all I’m asking. I love you, my dearest sister. Congratulations on your BIG DAY!”

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