Jewelry essentials for South Indian brides

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Every bride of India becomes an outstanding self on her special day. It is simply because she choose to exhibit her rich culture in the most elegant way possible.

There are many varieties of jewelry designs for all Indian brides. The South Indian heirloom jewelry pieces are an indeed the greatest sight to behold.

So for someone who is in love with the South Indian heritage, here is a guide as to what goes into becoming a typical South Indian bride.

The jewelry collection of the South Indian brides

1. Maang Tilak

Maang tilaks are worn by every Indian bride to protect herself from the evil eyes. It also symbolises the scared union between her and her groom. Meanwhile, South Indian brides are often seen to wear heavy or simple maang tilaks that match their wedding outfit.

2. Bangles of South Indian brides

Bangles are one of a kind of ornaments that provides a unique delight to the wearer. However, the South Indian brides are known for wearing antique gold bangles. Further, it consists of small temple motifs or delicate stone works.

3. Vaddanam

Vaddanam is a popular type of South Indian jewelry piece that is worn by South Indian bridesmaids too. Moreover, they are usually made out of gold and can be customised by embellishing with beads or pearls.

4. Chokers, Haarams and all in gold

Long necklaces, Kaasu Malas, chokers are all traditional jewelry wear that is famous among all South Indian brides. Above all, each of these necklaces is made out of inscribes that denote Goddess Lakshmi.

5. Nose rings of South Indian brides

The nose rings is worn by brides of all traditions. So it can considered as a style statement or part of a ritual too.

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6. South bridal hairstyle

The distinct style of braiding your hair with some artificial flowers is commonly seen in South India. Their long braids consists of lovely flowers like jasmine or roses. However, the braids are made to stay in place with antique kind of brooches.

7. Earrings

The best kind of earrings for a South Indian bride are definitely the jhumkas. Further jhumkas are very authentic to flaunt and the traditional factor for all Soith Indian weddings are the conventional jhumkas. Certainly, they are made in many designs and with precious stones too.

8. Anklets and toe rings

Anklets are worn as important ornaments during by a Tamilan bride during the wedding ceremony.

There is a belief in South India of married women wearing toe rings every day after they get hitched. In other words, toe rings helps to promote fertility in women. So, they are also a good reason to be healthy and hail.

As a result, we come to an end

These are some of the explicit jewelry pieces that are worn commonly by a usual South Indian bride. We hope you found this blog useful. So, let us know what do you think of this mind-blowing pieces of art.

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