Mouni Roy ties the knot: Details you’d fancy

Mouni Roy's wedding

The B-town is buzzing with yet another wedding. Mouni Roy tied the knot with the love of her life, Suraj Nambiar on 27th Jan, 2022. Lets get into details of this wedding!

Mouni Roy & Suraj Nambiar wedding festivites

Mouni Roy and Suraj Nambiar had their wedding ceremonies in Goa, at the Hilton Goa Resort. This wedding like any others had all the festivities starting from haldi, mehendi to the actual wedding procession.

The bride chose the colour white for the haldi procession. All whit outfit with white accessories like earrings, mang tika, corsages on both hands and same white floral styled accessory pinned to her hair. Suraj was wearing a white kurta as his outfit for haldi. The pictures deem happiness as haldi is applied on the bride and also when they use flowers to sprinkle all over the bride. The couple cannot get enough of one another, and we see this in the picture by the bride’s gaze on her groom.

The set up for mehendi was quiet a vibrant one. All bright colours put to use, giving a playful vibe.

For the mehendi ceremony, the bride is wearing an olive yellow coloured outfit with a statement maang tika, looking absolutely stunning. The groom looks equally dapper as well. The videos that are viral shows our bride and groom enjoying their mehendi ceremony with some drama and dance, and so does this picture below.

Intricate designing and detailing is present in the bridal mehendi. Also, the initials of the bride and groom are drawn in a fashionable manner on the backside of the bride’s palm. Peacock design and mandala design seems to be prevalent in Mouni’s mehendi.

Wedding o’clock it is

The wedding day set up was a quiet simple one. It was a mandap setup in the pool, with red floral ornament afloat. The mandap was decorated with white cloth, and white and orange strands of flowers. It was a very subtle setup yet somehow manages to give off dreamy vibes.

The bride made an entry with the army of her bridesmaid holding her hands. Some of her bridesmaid have a diya stand in their hand as the bride walks down the stairs. The cheery bridesmaid look really happy for the bride, well isn’t it every girl’s dream?

The bride awaiting her groom looks absolute serene. The plain white saree, with red borders would look so divine, no one would have ever thought. The bridal outfit for her wedding day is very plain yet she appears like a goddess. With all the gold ornaments, including her waistband, bangles, both necklaces, her earrings and matha pathi, she looks absolutely gorgeous. The bridal hairstyle is braids with flowers as her hair accessory.

Var mala ceremony
Source: Mouni Roy

The groom is wearing a rather plain kurta himself and looks dashing in it. Both of them look extremely good and happy and here’s wishing the newly wed a happy married life from our side.


What are some of the tips, tricks and design for mehndi?

Some tips for mehendi is that one should always apply lemon and sugar mix once your mehendi is dried. After removal of mehendi one can apply vicks or desi ghee or the mehendi to appear darker the next day. Before applying mehendi one should make sure to wash their hands properly and also to not apply any kind of moisturiser.  Designs that one could knock off any time can be made using impressive motifs along with some patterns. A floral composition starting from the tip of the usually index finger flowing down to the palm, is a simple yet stylish design.

What is the newest trend in wedding photography?

Wedding photographers lately have also been including natural elements and props in the frame. Like the west the “first look” photos are also trending. Wedding photographers are also setting the trend of documentary style wedding shots, that is they let the wedding go on and be there and shoot it as if invisible capturing moments no one knew are being captured. 

What are the latest bridal jewellery designs?

The latest bridal jewellery designs include choker style necklaces made using all sorts of stones. Emerald is slowly making its way for bridal jewellery alongside some other coloured stones. Floral designs for jewellery also seem to be trending. Bold and big designs are what the brides are going for. 

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