What a bride should look for in her makeup artist?

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Till now you must have decided the venue of the wedding, the wedding photographer the bridal lehenga which you will be wearing, and the jewelry you want to pair with each of the outfits that you are going to wear for your pre-wedding events. Now you have to decide one of the important aspects of any bride-to-be has to decide ie the makeup artist.

Here are some important things which you should ask and look for before booking a makeup artist for your wedding.

Don’t judge a makeup artist by their Instagram profile (alone)

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Instagram has made it easier to discover new makeup artists online, but sometimes it can also misguide your choice. Most pictures you see on an artist’s profile are most likely to be filtered or edited on some app. You should always ask for non-edited pictures and references of their work apart from what’s on Instagram.

Be clear about what you want

References can help an artist to understand what bride’s likes and what kinda look she wants for her D-day. Mostly, the references brides have are from the magazine or commercial shoots. It is important to understand that what looks good on a model in a shoot, may not look good in person.

Meet the artist beforehand

An in-person meeting should be non-negotiable before confirming your booking. Such meetings are important because they help the artist understand what they’re working with. It also helps the customer to know the working style of the artist and can also discuss any additional changes that the bride wants.

Communicate any concerns around your skin

It’s best that the bride should provide her makeup artist with all relevant information about any concerns around the skin in advance. This is to avoid any skin condition on the big day. Experts recommend that brides should do their facials a month in advance, so if there is any residual irritation, it has time to settle down.

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Remember, classic never goes out of style

There is a lot of pressure on brides to look good on their D-Day. Minimal makeup is always the way to go. Brides should even discuss the highlighter in advance so the face doesn’t look burnt out in pictures. It is easier to cake up the face than tone it down. The bride should look like the best version of herself on her wedding day, not lost under layers of makeup. Thus, when choosing your artist, see how they work on the eyes. It is a good way to judge their sensibility.

Find bridal makeup styles you like

When finding the bridal makeup styles you like, start with Google. Collect, screenshot, and save pictures of makeup that you like and try to identify what you like the most about the make-up in the image. Also, take into account the features and skin tone of the person in the image.

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Find makeup artists near your venue

You should start by searching for makeup artists based near where you are planning to get ready. Look at the artist’s websites and social media profiles to see their previous work. There you should find plenty of examples of brides they’ve worked with – look for bridal makeup photographs, not just occasional makeup.

Read the reviews

When brides take the time after their wedding to thank their makeup artist you know that they have done a great job. Look through the website to see if they have a reviews section, and also their social media at any posts or reviews. There’s no hiding from Facebook or Google reviews – they’re from real people and can’t be taken down, so it’s a good place to start.

Create a shortlist and reach out

Shortlist of your favorite makeup artists and reach out to them to find out their availability, pricing, and to see whether they would be a good fit. You may want to chat with several makeup artists to find someone you’re comfortable with, and whose style and vision matches yours.

Here are some questions that you should ask your Makeup artist before booking them for your wedding

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Ask for their portfolio and charges

Considering you have already seen their portfolio on Facebook or Instagram, then you should start by checking on the price to make sure you are comfortable and it is well within your budget.

Ask if they are available on your wedding dates

If the charges are fine and within your budget, you need to check if they are available on your wedding dates. If the main makeup artist isn’t available, you could ask if members of their team are available on your wedding dates or not.

Discuss your bridal look

The bride should ensure that she has discussed her bridal look with the artist a few months prior to the wedding day. From hairstyle to the accessories, eye lashes to the lipsticks, everything needs to be selected prior from the wedding day.

Ask if they do a trial

If you want to see how the whole look is tied together, you can ask your bridal makeup artist if she will do a trial and what are the charges.

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What makeup techniques does the makeup artist use

Airbrush makeup is a popular option for brides, while some other makeup artists use HD foundation. Check with the artist what are the pros and cons of each and what would work best for your skin. As mentioned above it is extremely important to inform your makeup artist of any skin allergies or concerns you have.

What do her charges entail?

If you’re using false lashes or hair extensions, do these charges come under her rate or are they an additional cost. These are things you need to consider. 

What brands of makeup do you use?

The products the artist uses should be allergy tested and of the highest standard for your wedding day. It is always good to know what kind of products they use, and if you need to bring your own concealer or any other product with you or not.

If you are happy to travel to my home, do you have any specific space requirements for the trial and for the wedding day?

Some makeup artists needs an open space and natural light to do the makeup. This is also something which you should discuss with your wedding venue, in case the artist you are hiring needs a space for doing your makeup.

We hope this blog helped you to clear your doubts about what things you should consider and ask before confirming a artist for your wedding. We at FabWeddings also have many makeup artists vendors from which you can choose from according to your need and budget.

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