7 Personalized DIY Decor Ideas for intimate weddings!

Weddings are considered one of the biggest celebrations of life. Weddings are a lifetime experience. One would love to go over the top. There are no shortage of options, planners decors, cakes or ideal attire. But there should always be given an additional touch which must be made to one’s wedding. The big and lavish style of any wedding is swoon worthy, but a personal touch goes an extra mile. It resonates with the couple and the people close to them. Here are 7 DIY personalized decor ideas.

1. Do It Yourself Welcoming

The Welcome DIY ideas are just the treat to our eyes. We need before witnessing an auspicious experience.

2. Down the memory lane

When tying the knot with the love of your life, a jog down the memory lane never does harm. Go on a nostalgic ride while sharing your special moments with your loved ones. This DIY is quick and a sure success.

3. A cartoonish twist

Add a cool and funky touch to your wedding with caricature selves. Just a little creativity and photo shopping skills and viola!

4. Instagrammable DIYs. Literally!

Everything amazing and cool finds its way to Instagram. So why not make an official hashtag for your special day?

5. Cool center pieces

DIY center pieces are cute yet militaristic personalized items. Just the details we needed!

6. Glass Decors

These cute and simple DIY glasses are just the thing to add to your wedding. A beautiful way to add up the drinks!

7. DIY name tags

DIY personalized name tags are creative artistic yet funky. They are something anyone would love. And especially with a wedding invite.

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