Sunshine-themed Haldi decor idea that we just adore!

Haldi Decor

A wedding is one of the memorable events in your life and the Haldi ceremony is one of the most important rituals of your wedding. So it is important to make your Haldi ceremony a memory in you and your family life. So here are some Sunshine-themed Haldi decor ideas that will make your Haldi ceremony an adorable one.

Yellow tent and Marigold flower decor: A perfect combination for the Haldi ceremony

Yellow tent decor and marigold combination for the stage and tables. Creame colour sofa with yellow cushions enchances the look.

Traditional Rajasthani Theme Decor adding grace to the Haldi ceremony

Proper rajasthani decoration that includes multi colour tent, Entrance with painted matka’s and basket full of flowers attracts the most.

Roses and Sunflower combination sets the stage

Pastel colors roses and sunflower with green background make a perfect combination decor idea for your Haldi ceremony.

Aesthetic Decoration for Haldi ceremony

Roses, Sunflowers, and marigold combinations set the stage for the Haldi ceremony, and the yellowish background compliments it.

Hope you find the perfect Sunshine-themed decor ideas for your Haldi ceremony. Follow our page FabWeddings for the venuemakeup artistphotographers, and many more that will help you to make your dream wedding.

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