Colin and Andrew, inspiration for LGBTQ+

Intercultural love of Colin and Andrew
Some feelings can never be described

Pride month celebrated, in the month of June, is celebrated to praise the LGBTQ+ community. Marches are a prominent event of pride month, and there are street parties, community occasions, and educational sessions. These are all covered by established media and drawing in numerous members.

Colin and Andrew are one of those lovely couples who have shown that love has no boundaries. They are an example and inspiration for all LGBT couples. They inspire us that everyone deserves to be loved and be with their beloved one. So on the occasion of pride month, we celebrate their love.

Photography : Ricardo Quintana

A lovely pic of our lovely couple
Andrew and Colin during haldi ritual

Colin voyaged a large portion of a world away to discover love and a partner. A partner who cherishes his way of life as much he did. The two discovered a feeling of familiarity, the delights in their similarities. They realized that the bond they produced was intended to keep going forever. They found the courage to go through every difficulty together.

Performing the marriage rituals

First date

After 2 months of chatting and video calling the couple decided to meet in person. Their venue for the date was a ramen restaurant in Chicago on a cold February evening. Andrew offered Colin to visit his home. As Colin moved inside his house there was this familiar aroma of tadka and desi ghee. Being a foodie Andrew’s kitchen impressed Colin very much.

Wedding photos and some precious moments
THe wedding was full of fun and entusiasm

The way they met

Andrew and Colin had moved to Chicago almost at the same time in 2016. Both of them were looking for a long-term and stable relationship that they could cherish. Andrew had lived in Nepal for three years and that made him well versed in Indian culture. Their mutual love for Indian culture caused the instant chemistry between them. It was soon that they realized to which direction their life should move.

Pose for a photoshoot

From dating to marriage

Gradually the couple’s love grew stronger. They used to spend time together and eventually things came in place and their marriage date was announced. The two got married in an Indian customs-packed marriage ceremony. What intrigued Andrew the most was that all his friends and family members attended their wedding along with their children. They watched their wedding without any perceived notions and congratulated them from their hearts.

This empowered Andrew and renewed his hopes for the LGBTQ+ community.

The couple having some time together
The scenic beauty adds to their love
LGBT wedding in western fashion

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