20 Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Ideas for 2023

Indian Pre wedding photoshoot

Wedding preparations can be quite overwhelming for the soon-to-be bride and groom. Amidst all the buzz, they might skip the part about capturing their beautiful and goofy moments together. And this calls for an escape from such a hectic atmosphere and gives them a blissful break before the arrival of the BIG DAY. After sorting everything else out from wedding venues to the wedding outfits comes the next small fun part what we call is Pre-wedding photoshoot.

Through this couples might consider participating in a pre-wedding session to get to know their wedding photographer and practise posing for the camera. One might wonder how should I go about it. It’s no hassle because we’ve got you covered. So, Keep calm and bring out those beautiful smiles for the lens!

We’ve often noticed that some couples have done an incredible job deciding their theme, outfits, and locations for the pre-wedding shoot. However, they find it troublesome to figure out ideas for creative pre wedding photoshoot that will be cherished in their frames forever. Even after giving their best pose, the complete picture doesn’t turn out to be very impressive. This is a common issue during such couple photoshoots, and getting those perfect shots can quickly become exhausting rather than enjoyable. 

So, it definitely won’t hurt to pick some poses before arriving at the location of the photoshoot. You can always keep trying out different poses with your partner in advance, and who knows, you might create a unique one that suits you both better! 

For a brief guide, we have compiled some of the latest couple photoshoot ideas that will definitely rule the wedding season of 2023! Cross out hearts, they will make your shoot time even more lively. Pick your favorites from the list down below and save them for later.

Using the Regal aesthetics of Forts and Palaces

Forts and palaces have an altogether different yet royal charm within them that works well for couple photoshoots. So, if you wish for something that defines royalty and richness, you can go for poses capturing the aesthetics of royal structures.

Couple photoshoot ideas
royal pre wedding photoshoot
Via Omega Productions

The Undeniably Cute Back hugs

The combination of a warm back hug and goofy smiles is ideal for capturing in the lens when choosing a cute pose for a couple picture. This is an easy choice for all camera-shy people because it requires little effort and produces excellent results!

prewedding photo shoot
candid pre wedding shoot
Via Filming B Productions

Horse is your Picture Perfect Companion

Horses are considered one of the most beautifully majestic animals in the world. Such a fact makes them a preferable choice for including them in photoshoots. They altogether raise the bar for a highly celebrated pre wedding photoshoot!

beach pre wedding photoshoot
Via Weddings by Doorbean

Romantic Beach Strolls

Nothing is more wonderful than a photo shoot on the beach. Beaches have been an all-time favourite for pre wedding shoot regardless of what outfit you choose to wear or the pose you decide. It relieves you of the pressure of posing artificially and lets you enjoy the moment with your better half while the camera captures those pretty moments.

beach couples photoshoot

Sailing together in the Boat of Love

Quite much Bollywood romance style, boat photography for couples is quite an uprising trend that will continue well further into 2023. A serene and calm background compliments well for camera-shy couples while giving a simple pose.

Couple photoshoot in boat
Via Wedding Aura

Looking deep into each other’s eyes

A very romantic and beautiful gesture that can surely be one of your poses for the pre wedding shoot is just simply to look lovingly into each other’s eyes. This evergreen pose works wonders for any picture clicked in every setting!

pre wedding shoot ideas
Via Aaryan Photographers

Goofy poses

Pictures that speak of natural love and silliness shared with your partner are the most cherished ones. So don’t shy away from being crazy together in front of the camera, and do what makes you crazily happy in love!

couple pre wedding photoshoot
Via Monga photography

The Cute laughs

Random little waves of laughter in the middle of everything planned can also become a picture-perfect pose. Try cracking an idiot joke with your partner and see how it will amaze you in photographs!

Candid pre wedding shoot
Via North Water Star

Cycle Ride

Cute and romantic as it sounds a cycle ride has always been portrayed as an act of simple and pure love in movies as well as real lives. Try using some fun couple photoshoot ideas like this one and we guarantee you won’t regret it.

Bicycle couple photoshoot
Via Sukhi Singh

Make her Twirl

A classic pose that will always remain a stunning outcome in pictures is to make her twirl. Girls, make sure to put on a flowy dress to make the overall outcome even better!

best pre wedding shoot
Via Surya Movies

Backhug plus Forehead Kiss

Adorable as it sounds, this idea for a couple photoshoot will surely leave you in awe.

traditional pre wedding photoshoot
Via Hand in hand films

Sitting on the stairs

Outdoor pre wedding photoshoot
Via Pinterest

Playfully Running hand in hand

This pose captures the innocent happiness and love between the couples. 

prewedding photoshoot
Via Pinterest

Amidst the crowd

This photoshoot idea can succeed only when a skilled photographer clicks. It’s a super easy idea to use, with a stunning outcome if done right.

outdoor creative pre wedding photoshoot
Via TCZ motion pictures

Lift her up

It’s a romantic and cute one that you should definitely add to your list. Also, make sure you practise this one in advance so you can make your perfect shot in just a few tries.

romantic couple photoshoot
Via Memory Chef Studios

Cozy Indoor Moments

indoor couple photoshoot
indoor pre wedding photoshoot
Via The Wow Weddings

The Romantic Rainy Effect

outdoor pre wedding photoshoot
Via Anoop Mahajan

Watch her Twirl from a distance

pre wedding photoshoot in saree
Via Pinterest

A classic Picnic Setup

You sure don’t want to miss out on this amazingly adorable couple photoshoot idea of a Cute Picnic setup!

Outdoor pre wedding shoot
Via The wedding shading

One with the Fireworks

Sparkle your pre wedding photoshoot and make it more stunning!

pre marriage photoshoot
Via Pinterest

These are some of the best ideas for pre-wedding photoshoot that will surely blow your mind once you receive the final pictures. We hope that this blog has provided you with some creative pre-wedding photoshoot themes and poses to celebrate your new life together through a beautiful album of memories.


When should you have your pre-wedding shoot?

There is no strict guideline for when to schedule a pre-wedding photoshoot. It depends on personal preference – some couples choose to have the shoot soon after getting engaged to send out save-the-date notices, while others prefer to wait until closer to the wedding day so they can use their wedding attire. If you don’t have any particular requirements, it’s common to schedule the shoot four to six weeks before the wedding.

Are pre-wedding photos necessary?

Engaging in a pre-wedding photo session can help you feel more at ease in front of the camera and establish a connection with your wedding photographer. Additionally, it provides you with extra moments to cherish as a couple during this thrilling time in your relationship. While not mandatory, a pre-wedding shoot comes highly recommended.

How long is a pre-wedding shoot?

The duration of pre-wedding shoots is typically not extensive, although it may vary based on the number of locations and clothing changes you desire. Generally, such sessions take between one and two hours.

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