Fun couple shoot ideas for an intimate wedding

Intimate wedding photoshoot
Source- Instagram

Nowadays so many couples are opting for a pre-wedding photoshoot. Pre-wedding photoshoots have become a norm nowadays. Couples take their precious time out to thoroughly search all the unexplored and untouched destinations in the world where they can capture and get the best backdrop scenery and photogenic photos ever. Choosing an unconventional location for a pre-wedding photoshoot is an arduous task and it becomes tougher with a shoestring budget. After the pandemic occurred, pre-wedding photoshoots have ground to a halt and are not in trend nowadays. But as humans are creative by nature, we never leave a chance to discover new things. Nowadays in the pandemic, intimate wedding photoshoots have become a part of fad culture now. A sweet and simple photoshoot gives a realistic effect to the people. Couples nowadays are opting for cheaper options for their pre-wedding photoshoots. No one wants to flush their money off the drain. It’s a need of time. In this blog, I have curated beautiful and romantic pre-wedding intimate photoshoots that can be easily done at homes without much hustle.

1. Wholesome pre-wedding photoshoot with adorable family pet

2. Sweet pre-wedding photoshoot

3. Romantic and sizzling chemistry

4. That‘s the most intimate wedding photoshoot I have ever witnessed. Isn’t it?

5. How about romance in the kitchen when you can’t get out because of covid?

6. Conventional romance

7. Romance under the gleaming lights

8. Colour coordinated photoshoot

9. Ideal coffee date romance

10. Cute punjabi romantic couple.

11. Wedding photoshoot inspired by Bollywood

12. Some more stunning pre-wedding photoshoots

They are some beautifully shot intimate wedding shoots. Most of them did not require any expensive location, camera, clothes and stuff. They all are looking very organic and real in their pre-wedding photoshoots. One can definitely draw inspiration from these beautiful pictures.

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