Wedding Reception Hairstyles Trending In Indian Weddings

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What comes next to a wedding? The Receptions, of course!

Receptions are equally important, after all, you want to look beautiful. India is a land of cultures, and variations can be found in almost all of them. Today, it has become a trend to not just stick to one’s regional traditions. With so many cultures and traditions in 29 states of India, there are bountiful of examples that you can take inspirations from. Not just for your dressing style, but for your hairstyling too! This wedding season, give yourself a trendy wedding reception hairstyle, and rock your outfit.

Take a look at some of the gorgeous trendy hairstyles- from north to south, and east to west- from different religions as well. You will find some of the exquisite hairstyle looks that keep you going awe!!!

Braid Your Hair Into A Bun With A Beautiful Maang Tika

South Indian Hair Style For Wedding Receptions

Redefining Hair Bun Style

Keeping It Simple With Strands of Hair Falling Down Your Ears

Bridal hairstyle

Adorn Your Hair With Beautiful Flowers And A Head Jewelry

Simple Yet Gorgeous- Open Hair Style For Wedding Receptions in 2020

Hair Beads For Your Tangled Hair With A beautiful Maang Tika

The Traditional South Indian Look Redefined With Much More Flower Designs

Bengali Looks For Indian Wedding Receptions

Bridal Hair Looks For Muslim Wedding Receptions

Outline Your Big-Round Buns With Beautiful Flower Braids

Fish Braid In A New Style

Unravel the Mysterious Hairstyle

Hairstyle For Lehengas With Pretty Work

Modern Bridal Hairstyle For Wedding Receptions

A Little More Gorgeous For Brides In Wedding Receptions

royal hairstyle for wedding

Beautiful Hairstyles For Wedding Receptions In India

Marathi Mulgi Hairstyle For A Maharashtrian Wedding Reception

Simple And Shiny With Hair Ornaments

Rock your wedding reception outfits with trendy hairstyles from all across the regions!

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