Wedding Decor Trends 2022 That Took The Internet By Storm

Wedding decor ideas

With all the problems that transpired into our lives due to the pandemic, people are now normally returning to celebrate joy and the essence of love once again. We bring you the Wedding Décor that are new trendsetters. While the year 2021 was all about expressing oneself, embracing flaws, and being unapologetically ourselves this year is full of bold colors, fantabulous themes, and fascinating décor.

Royal Affair Wedding Decor

Due to the last two years going OTT the celebrations are back, but with more refined and luxurious décor. Be it richly decorated over-the-top chandeliers, beautifully glowing lights, larger-than-life background drops, or ceilings full of floral décor all of these are making a lavish entry. Whether the venue is big or small, we are getting attracted to these types of lavish décor and ensuring that it is not into your face.

Floral Wedding Decor

Floral backdrop mandaps are still in the race of trendsetting decors. Also, with an increase in people going pastel in their décor floral mandap are in trend and is a go top option for every couple. From celebrities to other couples people are going all gala flower-themed mandap. Floral and see-through mandaps add an essence of scenic beauty especially if it is a day wedding. The overall idea is to add beauty to the entire décor without blocking or making it over the top.

Neon Fun

Neon signs are still in the trend and it has taken a new turn in 2022 as everyone is following this trend. Moreover, chic and creative neon lights on the floral background add more quirk to the venue.

Haldi in a Tub

Floral Haldi in a tub along with flower rain is setting the trend and is getting popular. In addition to this, Haldi is the most fun part of any wedding and the decor needs to be fun as well. People are opting for vibrant Haldi decor enjoying their ceremonies while sitting in a huge tub. From celebrity couples to not so celebrity couples everyone is opting for this theme which gives their Haldi ceremony a fun vibe.

Seal the deal with the ceil

People are going for ceiling décor as it completely changes the look of the venue and one can opt for multiple colors. Further, one can add extra bling to the venue by opting for bold colors to accentuate the vibe and these are even cost-friendly. Also they give a mesmerizing look to the entire venue. Opt for this and see how just a fabric can add a fun vibe to your celebrations.

Light up the magic

Lights are an essential part of any wedding festivity and set the scene right. 2022 saw the trend for fairytale lighting that makes you feel alive from within. Lights add a touch of romance and life to your boring venue. From chandeliers to bright lights to white and subtle lights you can choose any from a large number of options.

Phool is Cool

Natural flowers and leaves make an excellent décor. Realizing the importance of nature due to the pandemic people are now shifting their heads to natural and green décor adding a sense of serene in their celebrations. Green and floral weddings are quintessential heaven for nature lovers moreover you need not buy these flowers or plants as there are many stores and local vendors that rent flowers and plants on your big day.


Who are the best wedding planners in India?

The best wedding planners in India are The Wedding Design Company. They have been in work since 1989 and were earlier known as Backstage Productions, when they started out. They are very old, renowned and trusted wedding planners and have been behind the wedding of our famous Deepika and Ranveer. 

What are the current trends for wedding planning?

The current trends for wedding planning are sustainability and eco friendliness. We have more and more couples opting for a sustainable and eco-friendly wedding so as to not harm nature and also at the same time enjoy their d-day of wedding. We then also have the trend to go big on small details which others might consider trivial. 

What are the newest trends in Indian weddings?

The newest wedding planning trends include having a staycation wedding. For the ones who never have the time off this could be a good weekend getaway full of moments to enjoy. We also have tech free weddings going a hit lately, that is the couples request all the guests to switch off their devices and enjoy the moment by being there rather than capturing it for later use. Supporting the traditional and local artisan of small towns have also become a trend for Indian weddings. 

What are some creative wedding planning ideas?

Some creative ideas for wedding planning are to include a song request station, have a neon sign of your wedding hashtag or any other quote that both the couple agrees on. One could use boho artifacts to decorate the wedding venue, giving very joyful and vibrant vibes. One could also have customized napkins or any other element in the wedding venue. A photobooth could never be a wrong choice for the wedding, without any second thought one should go for it. 

Who are the top wedding planners in New Delhi?

The top wedding planners in New Delhi that one should know about are Wedding Spell, founded by Gayatri Sahadev. They offer all sorts of wedding services and are not only in for a large scale wedding planning but also small and intimate ones as well. Then we have Shubh Muhurat Luxury Wedding, founded by Shrawan Yadav. Right now they are big time into destination wedding planning. Lastly we have Baraati Inc, offering you a host of services including wedding choreography, entertainment and also ground event management. 

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