Top Grooming Tips for Grooms–to-be

In the age of metro-sexuality, it is not unreal or uncommon to see grooms spending considerable time and effort on grooming before their special day. Gone are the days when brides were the talk of the town, while grooms quietly followed the league. The men have taken control of the situation, and we would say that they have done us ladies proud. From parlor trips to personal skin care regime, they have mastered it all or atleast tried to, in the midst of all the madness.
To all the men reading this and the ladies whose men need it, here are how’s and what’s of grooming tips for grooms-to-be:

Grooming Tip for Groom-to-be  #1

Daily Skin care goes a long. A facial or two or a few pedicures will not save your butt in the real game. Regularity is the key to any victory. You have to keep up the a regular skin care regime, which includes rinsing your face twice daily and then rinsing with a good face wash. Applying sunscreen on a daily basis to keep the UV rays at bay and using a night cream to repair the internal layers of the skin, should also be on your to-do list every day. Sounds too much? Ask your fiancée about the struggles she face when it comes to skin care. You are not alone buddy.

Grooming Tip for Groom-to-be #2

Relaxing and taking time out from a busy week at work is equally important. On the big day, stress lines or a dull face is not going to please anyone, especially not your bride. Taking spas, massages, sauna, steam sessions as it is a great way to have a calming experience.

Grooming Tip for Groom-to-be #3

A man’s appearance is hugely marked by his hairstyle. It’s a deal maker or a breaker. Firstly and foremostly, do not try a new haircut near your wedding. Well, we cannot emphasis enough on this. Secondly, use good quality conditioners and shampoos, so that your hairstyle sets in a fashion that suits you best. If in doubt, call her and check.

Grooming Tip for Groom-to-be #4

Beard. Yes, breads are like bonus points; free, rewarding and satisfying. With a long list of products on the aisle, you can pick and choose. According to our friend, who blogs for, there are bread oils, soaps, trimmers, shampoos and conditioners. Apart from this, trim it regularly because you want those kisses.

Grooming Tip for Groom-to-be #5

Brows are a weak point for men. Getting eyebrows cleaned or shaped is a big no-no because of the taboos attached to it. Fine! Don’t do it. Just clean the unibrow section, pluck extra, overflowing hair from nose and ears and you will be tidy in no time.
These grooming tips for grooms-to-be are less money and time consuming than brides, but all those who said weddings are a bridal affair, forgot that without a groom, a bride is not going anywhere.
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