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Just like all wedding-related decisions, choosing the perfect mehendi design for yourself can be an arduous task. And if you decide to take some inspiration from the internet, you would inevitably find yourself lost in a maze of thousands of mehendi designs which will confuse you more than you were before. So Fabweddings decided to help you in choosing the right mehndi design to complete your wedding look. Finger Mehendi is gaining popularity because they look effortlessly beautiful and offer a wide range of designs that vary from elegant and minimalistic to intricate and extravagant. Here is a list of trendy top 50 Finger Mehendi Designs giving the perfect finishing touch to your wedding look.

1.      Floral Mesh

This stunning and intricate floral mehendi design is surely an eye-catcher, truly perfect for the ladies who aspire for the effortlessly beautiful look. These designs are unfinished without including floral patterns in them.

mehndi design
Source: Pinterest

2.      Geometric Love

You can never go wrong with this classic geometric mehendi design which will add that spunk to your outfit.

Finger tips mehndi design
Source: Body Art Guru

3.      Circles and Dots

This pretty pattern with circles and dots is always a favorite and can never go out of style. It may be a very simple mehndi design to make but look undoubtedly gorgeous once you rinse off the henna from your palms.

simple mehndi design
Source: Pinterest

4.      Swirly Leaves

This is the perfect and one of the latest mehndi designs for young girls and women who prefer to keep it minimal. You can also add this pattern to your full hand mehndi design as it adds a look to your mehendi.

Finger tips leaves mehndi design
Source: Pinterest

5.      I Heart You

If you want to express your love to that special someone, you should definitely go for this lovely design with hearts and roses. Brides can take a dig in this mehendi design for their better ones as mehendi is one of the ways to convey love and feeling they have for one another.

Unique mehndi design
Source: Pinterest
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6.      Royalty

Who doesn’t want to feel like a princess at their wedding? We are in love with this regal look.

royal mehndi design
Source: Pinterest

7.      Jaal Design

There’s nothing like a beautiful jaal design which is a perfect mix of simplicity and modernity. No matter how old this pattern gets it will always have an elegant image and this pattern can also be included in foot mehndi design as it is simple and easy.

Net mehndi design
Source: Pinterest

8.      Floral heaven

This unique design has our hearts with its intricate floral pattern which will surely stand out in any crowd. You can tell your mehendi artist to make it as a back side mehndi design as it will cover all the fingers and will give a beautiful finish to your palm.

floral mehndi design
Source: Pinterest

9.      Minimalistic

This minimalistic design is absolutely gorgeous that will suit everyone who is opting for a simple look.

 simple finger mehnd
Source: Pinterest

10.        Traditional Beauty

This elegant design is a perfect choice for ladies who want a little more of a traditional touch to their wedding look.

Mehndi design ideas
Source: Pinterest

11.      A Detailed Affair

This exquisite design is equal parts detailed and charming that will definitely spice up your wedding look.

Mehndi design for girls
Source: Pinterest

12.      For the love of Jewellery

This dazzling design is for those people who love a jewelry-based design for their mehendi look.

Finger jewelry mehndi design
Source: Pinterest

13.      Twist and Turn

This elegant design is genuinely drool-worthy giving us some major mehendi design goals.

Unique mehndi ideas
Source: Pinterest

14.      Awesome Blossom

This lovely design is so pleasing and adds that much needed delicacy to your look. It is also perfect for a floral-themed wedding.

Trending mehndi design
Source: Pinterest

15.      Lacy style

We are in awe of this glamorous design with its dotted criss-cross pattern and those lacy floral designs.

Trending mehndi design ideas
Source: Pinterest

16.      Ethnic Beauty

We can’t get enough of this beautiful ethnic design that will complement your traditional wedding look.

Latest bridal mehndi designs
Source: Pinterest

17.      Mermaid Inspired

This drop-dead gorgeous design is sure to make heads turn with its glamorous look.

Latest mehndi designs
Source: Pinterest

18.      Trendy Squares

If you are looking for something edgy and unique, then this design is for you.

Perfect mehndi design
Source: Pinterest

19.      Net for Infinity

This sophisticated design is perfect for ladies who are looking for an elegant and pretty design for their mehendi.

Back hand mehndi design
Source: Pinterest

20.      Blooming Vine

This attractive design is for girls who want a fun and flirty look to go with their wedding outfits.

Back side mehndi
Source: Pinterest

21.      Fairytale Dream

This is such a unique design, mixing tradition with modernity. If you love Disney and want a fairytale look, then this one’s for you.

Full hand Mehndi
Source: Pinterest

22.      Simplistic

If you want to go for a safe yet enticing design, then this will suit you the best.

Elegant Mehndi design
Source: Pinterest

23.      Charmer

This mesmerizing design is like a breath of fresh air that stands apart from a myriad of ordinary designs.

Best mehndi design
Source: Pinterest

24.      There’s no such thing as too many flowers

You can never go wrong with this stunning design with its detailed floral patterns.

Best mehndi ideas
Source: Pinterest

25.      Aesthetic

This flawless design is making us fall in love with it. It is a perfect choice for the ladies who want something different for their mehendi look.

Easy mehndi design
Source: Pinterest

26.      Slanting Mehendi Design

This edgy design beautifully blends an intricate pattern with a simple fun look.

Aesthetic mehndi design

Source: Pinterest

27.      A Thing About Diamonds

We love diamond mehndi designs as much as we love those real sparkly gems.

New mehndi design
Source: Pinterest

28.      Spaced and Symmetrical

Everybody wants something unique for their wedding look and this beautiful design is so appealing to our eyes.

Stylish mehndi design
Source: Pinterest

29.      Boho

If you want a chic and boho mehendi look, then this one’s for you.

Beautiful mehndi design
Source: Pinterest

30.      Hexagonal mehendi design

We have no love for maths but we can’t get enough of this gorgeous hexagonal mehndi design.

Hexagonal mehndi design
Source: Pinterest

31.      Mirror Mirror on the Wall

We took the mirror off the wall and put it in our hands in this lovely mehendi design.

Backside mehndi design
Source: Pinterest

32.      Evergreen

This classic mehendi design is nostalgic and charming, and can never go out of style.

Round mehndi design
Source: Pinterest

33.      Magnificent swirls

This heavy mehendi design is a favorite among the brides who don’t want anything less than lavish at their wedding.

Traditional mehndi
Source: Pinterest

34.      Playful Fingers

This detailed mehendi design is all about elegance and sophistication.

Traditional mehndi design
Source: Pinterest

35.      All About Those Lines

This artistic design is so pleasing and will complete your dream wedding look.

Traditional mehndi ideas
Source: Pinterest

36.      Peacock Henna

Nobody can deny the beauty of this stunning peacock mehendi design.

Henna Mehndi design
Source: Pinterest

37.      Leafy Curves

There’s something eye-catching in this graceful mehendi design and we are obsessing over it.

Henna mehndi
Source: Pinterest

38.      The Bride Next Door

Who doesn’t love a beautiful and traditional mehendi design for their wedding look?

Mehndi for brides
Source: Pinterest

39.      Minimalistic is the go-to look

When it comes to the latest wedding fads, minimalistic designs are our favorite. This delicate design has us head over heels in love with it.

Minimalistic mehndi design
Source: Pinterest

40.      Spaced out

This gorgeous design with a perfect spacing in between its intricate designs is perfect for a chic look.

Front hand mehndi design
Source: Pinterest

41.      Lacy Bands

When it comes to finger mehendi designs, these lovely lacy bands are a go-to look.

Simple easy mehndi design
Source: Pinterest

42.      The Perfect Match

This pretty mehendi design is for the ladies who want a symbolic representation of their life’s true match.

Mehendi design 2023
Source: Pinterest

43.      Criss-Cross Beauty

We can’t stop obsessing over these marvelous mehendi designs with delicate leafy crisscrosses and pretty floral patterns.

criss cross mehndi design
Source: Pinterest

44.  Chandni Raat

This simple and graceful design has our hearts. This is perfect for those who want to keep it minimal.

Mehndi designs for girls
Source: Pinterest

45.  All about Dots and Mesh

This is a trendy mehendi design that never fails to grab attention and praise.

Mehndi design for hands
Source: Pinterest

46.  Dotted Crescent

This is yet another hybrid of traditional and modern design that will complement any wedding look.

Finger mehndi design ideas
Source: Pinterest

47.  A Delicate Affair

This elegant mehendi design is perfect for the girls who aspire for a simple and charming look.

Palm Mehndi design
Source: Pinterest

48.  Not Your Average Wedding Bands

This boho mehendi design is a must for the girls who want a fun and trendy look to go with their outfits.

Boho Mehndi design
Source: Pinterest

49.  Regal Beauty

We can’t get over this gorgeous mehendi design that is sure to make heads turn with its regal grace.

Gorgeous mehndi design
Source: Pinterest

50.  Not A Plain Jane

Simplicity never looked this pretty. This lovely mehendi design is a match for those who are looking for a delicate mehendi.

Modern mehndi design
Source: Pinterest

51.  Of Kings and Queens

There is nothing like a beautiful royal mehendi design for all the queens and princesses out there.

Round mehndi design
Source: Pinterest


1. How much can a mehendi artist charge for a bride’s mehendi

The budget depends upon the kind of designs and services the bride is looking for but the budget starts from 5000 and can go up to 50,000

2. What are some trending mehendi designs?

Mehndi designs are always in trend and continue to get more trending and if you have been looking for some then check out this blog of the best mehendi designs.

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