The Ultimate List of Top 15 Father-Daughter Dance Songs

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Every daughter idealizes their partners to be just like their first superhero Father. For them, Fathers are their first man, first love, and first superhero of their life. When it comes to the most important day of life every daughter wants to show love towards their fathers. Especially when there is a Sangeet night and everyone is busy enjoying dance moves and the best music isn’t great that Daddy’s little princess dedicate a best and emotional performance for their father? Well, who doesn’t want to do something extra special for their superheroes? It is the best for shy brides who don’t open up much with their fathers this list of father-daughter dance songs you can convey your feelings and love towards your super dad.

Surely your father deserves a special dance performance after all he is your strongest pillar of life. This will make your father surprised and blessed for all the love you have for him. But if you are confused about which song to choose. Don’t worry we are here to share an ideal list of Top 15 Father-Daughter dance songs. They are undoubtedly heart touching and beautiful.

1. Papa Ki Pari Hoon Mei

For all the princesses out there make sure to let know your partner that you are Papa’s Princess just dancing on this song.

2. Dilbaro

Dipped in ocean of emotions this song will really express your feelings for your father.

3. Meri Duniya Tu Hi Re

Afterall you are dad’s world and everything to him. This song really brings lot of memories of your childhood with him.

4. Papa Mere Papa

No one is cute and lovely than your papa this song will make your father happy and emtional.

5. Mera Aasmaan Hai Papa

Our identity starts from our father, from taking small steps to taking big steps in life your father is always there at your back. With it’s beautiful lyrics this song will express that your existence in this world is because of your father.

6. Tujhko Na Dekhu Toh Ji Ghabrata

Your father is symbol of love and sacrifices he did for you. every lyrics of this song reminds how much sacrifices your father has made for you. Truly a masterpiece you can’t miss.

7. Mere Papa

A heart touching song to express all your love for your father. This song describes your beautiful song with your father.

8. Gud Naal Ishq Meetha

For all the quirky father-daughter duo the new version of Gud Naal Ishq is best song your dance. You can choose this song to dance with your father.

9. Papa Kehtey Hai

If you think Papa Kehtey Hai has only male version of this song well this will surely bring smile to your face as the repeise version of Papa Kehtey Hai has a female version of how your father is proud on you.

10. Teri Laadki

Celebrate your unique bond with this song. This will bring your every memories with you father back. The love and affection that you and your father shares is very special this song will express very feelings for you.

11. Mere Baabula

A heart-wrenching track this song will describe every emotion for your father. After all, you are taking a big decision in your life and this one is most suitable to express your feelings.

12. Babul

This song is simple and heart-melting. It also represents how your journey is incomplete without your father. You can prepare a beautiful dance with your father it will be a memorable performance for both of you.

13. Tera Yaar Hoon Mei

Though this song mainly focuses on the bond between friends, don’t you agree that your father is your first friend. There are many memories with your father where you both have shared a friendship bond, perfect partner in crime. You can’t miss this song to dance with your father.

14. Tu Joh Mila

This song has everything you want to tell to your father. You can pick this song to tell your father how much he is important to him. Without him you are incomplete.

15. Kudi Nu Nachne De

A heartwarming song to express your unconditional love with your father this song will tell your story with your father. How he supported you to make your dreams come true and freindship both between you and your father.

Now you have this ultimate list of songs you can create a medley of these songs. Pick the best lines from these songs and prepare a memorable dance performance with your father that is filled with love and emotions.

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