Stunning solo bridal performances

Indian wedding dance

If you have a hard time dealing with the exhaustion, stress, nervousness and anxiety that comes from a wedding you have to try something new and exciting to eliminate the boredom and tiredness caused by unusual wedding rituals that last for days and weeks. Undoubtedly weddings are tiring and sometimes really gruesome, and the amount of exhaustion increases when it is your own wedding. One needs to put every iota of effort into ticking off all the boxes on their wedding plan list and want to look flawless and perfect. From bridal lehenga to sandals, everything has to look perfect. Bridal performance on high-frequency and pitched Bollywood songs is a must-must part of an Indian wedding and is an important aspect from a bride’s point of view. It diverts our attention too, from mundane, typical wedding rituals. Here’s a blog of some of the most flawless, interesting and elegant bridal solo performances one can surely inspire by.

1. An emotional performance that left the groom teary-eyed.

2. Bridal dance which seems high on excitement and melodrama

3. Combination of a plethora of bridal moods

4. She got her expressions on point though

5. A very elegant and synchronized bridal performance

6. Overly zealous bridal solo performance

7. Regal bridal entry performance

8. Fantastic bridal dance on wedding sangeet

9. Bridal performance setting mood on fire

10. Nikah Wedding performance

These are some of the most exuberant bridal solo performances that left us amazed and surprised at the same time. Weddings are nothing without bridal performances. It has become a trend and is in vogue now especially in millennials weddings. Dancing is not everyone’s cup of tea. These are some of the most professional and perfectly articulated dancing performances which can inspire you to shake your leg.

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