Pre-Wedding Shoot: The Raging Trend

Before, Indian weddings have a lot of ceremonies and rituals that must be performed by the bride, the groom, and their own families. Usually, it takes a number of days to complete. Nowadays, couples choose to have their own wedding rituals that will fit their taste, their way of life, and even their social standing. These rituals quickly escalate into the mainstream.
The newest trend that swiftly spread in the field of wedding photography is the pre-wedding photo shoots. Photo shoots serve as the preparation for both the bride and groom as they build confidence to pose for the final wedding shot. After all, keeping the memories on this most-awaited day is important in order to engrave their union into their hearts. With all these reasons, we at FabFit feature some of the well-known pre-wedding photographers to make sure that you look spectacular on your pre-wedding shoot.

Well-Known Photographers for your Pre-Wedding Shoot

The following lists are the photographers and professional photography services company that you might want to consider to capture your pre-wedding shoot:

Photographer #1: Roshan Images

Roshan Images is a company that offers professional photography services and is located in Mangalore. The company also conducts photo shoots all over India. Roshan Images has been doing pre-wedding photo shoots for almost 5 years in various themes such as candid wedding, Hindu wedding, South Indian wedding, concept wedding, bridal portraits, Christian wedding, Indian wedding, engagement, couple portraits, and Catholic wedding. They also accept requirements for a customized photo.
Their products and services are comprised of HD highlights, coffee table book, HD videos, documentary, live streaming, and photobook.

Photographer #2: Neytra

Located in Delhi, Neytra is a five-year-old company offering professional photography services for North Indian wedding, South Indian wedding, couple portraits, bridal portraits, Indian wedding, pre-wedding shoots, and more.
Their products and services include short films, lamination, frames, photobook, poster, calendar, HD videos, etc.

Photographer #3: Sharik Verma

Sharik Verma is an engineering graduate from Delhi who quit his job in Wipro in order to pursue his passion for Indian wedding photography. He journeys all throughout India to photograph the extraordinary and amazing wedding experiences of a couple. With his astonishing photography skills, he makes his photos come to life.

Photographer #4: Joseph Radhik

Joseph Radhik is an amazing photographer based in Mumbai/Hyderabad who tries to convey a lot of stories using his photos. He specializes in making wedding videographies, pre-wedding shoots, post-wedding shoots, candid wedding photos, creative short films, and others.

Photographer #5: Kolkata Wedding Tales

Kolkata Wedding Tales is a professional photography company based in Kolkata that has been in the photography business for 4 years already. They specialized in various wedding occasions such as Bengali wedding, bridal portraits, concept wedding, and more.

Final Thoughts

A wedding is an extravagant day that only occurs once in a lifetime. It is only natural to capture every memory in that event in order to look back and reminisce about the nostalgic memories you had. Having your pre-wedding shoot along your wedding photos will definitely put a smile on your face as you remember the preparations you have for your wedding. Aside from that, it will help both you and the wedding photographer by understanding your requirements and building up your confidence as you take your final photo on your grand day.
If you want to immortalize your pre-wedding memories, we at FabFit are here to help. Don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected] for more info!

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