Most amazing #fabbride dance performances

Most amazing #fabbride dance performances

Apart from food, decor and stunning wedding outfits, what do we love the most about weddings? Yes, a breath taking dance performance by our fab bride. Some of the most amazing #fabbride dance performances are the one’s that tells us a story. Our brides dance their hearts out. Solo dance performances are everything. from good old Punjabi to Bollywood and even Hollywood songs, we have variety of mind blowing performances for inspiration. mehndi ,haldi and sangeet performances to D-day solos our bride will leave your jaws dropped. Whether you are a dancer or not we have got this covered for you.

Most amazing #fabbride dance performances
Source –Busy bee studio

Here are some of the most amazing #fabbride dance performances, we absolutely adore :

Surprise, dear husband-to-be, this one’s for you!

Source- Dharti

Happy brides make sangeet more beautiful!

Source- Nrityangana by Simran

Shining background, bride and a dazzling performance!

Source- Sonica Shah photography

You found a cheerleader for life!

Source- Angel performing arts

Bride’s that dance like they don’t care are everything!

Source- Aastha wedding choreography

Final call for groom to take his beloved bride-to-be away with him!

Source- Aditya dance vlogs

Nothing is better than owing a stage!

Source- Thumkaholic

Dreamy dance performance for you very own fairy tale!

Source- Angel performing arts

Mehndi performance for every unique bride!


Finally a performance to witness how love stuck swiftly!

Source- Angel performing arts

All set to go with her ‘Piya’

Source- Angel performing arts

Mesmerizing performance for your ‘Soneya’!

Source- More than Thumkas

Welcoming a life full of love couldn’t be more fun. We hope you liked our fab brides performances and for more ideas to plan your dream wedding follow us on fabweddings.

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