Mehndi shenanigans of Karishma Tanna

Karishma Tanna mehndi

Yet another wedding that the B-town is buzzing about, is of Karishma Tanna and Varun Bangera. On February 6, 2022, the couple tied the knot. From haldi to the wedding, all festivities took place in Mumbai only. Let’s have a look at the details of the mehndi function of this wedding.

The Setup

Floral arrangement
Source: Aash Studio

In an open space with a sea view, is where the mehendi ceremony took place. The use of vibrant colours is eye catching. The whole decoration is around a pink couch with cushions of yellow and orange on it. Behind the couch an archaic floral arrangement is seen, from which tussles and more flowers are hanging down. Various bouquets of flowers coloured yellow, pink and violet are used in the setting around the couch. The entire decoration for the event was done by Aash Studio by Aashna Saran and was called the Genda Garden Mehndi on her instagram post.

Vibrant use of flowers
Source: Aash Studio

Bridal wear of Karishma Tanna

Adorning a bridal wear by Punit Balana, Karishma Tanna looks ethreal and is radiating warmth, happiness and sunshine vibes. With the sun going down in the background the bride is glowing up.

This mustard yellow coloured bridal wear for mehndi function is rather a simple one. The blouse and lehenga both have bandhani print in white over the yellow base with delicate marodi work. The neckline has an embroidered border and the similar design is present in the lehenga as a wasitband. Although, the dupatta is entirely plain, minimal work is present on the borders.

Accessories in use were very minimal. A choker styled necklace and earrings are prominent and a bunch of flower are pinned to the hair. All in all Karishma Tanna looks absolutely gorgeous.

What the groom wore

The bride to be and her groom to be, Varun Bangera both wore Punit Balana’s outfit for their mehndi. The groom has a cherry red kurta set as his outfit for the function. The kurta set is accompanied with a bandi and both the kurta and bandi have Mughal motifs block printed all over. The groom wasn’t looking any less handsome with our bride looking so beautiful.

The showstopper

The one that took all the attention away was KOKO Tanna, our bride’s pet dog. Wearing a red coloured printed cloth, going absolutely with the theme of the mehndi function, koko looks absolutely adorable. This picture of the bride and her pet, all happy and jovial just melts our hearts away!

The entire event was capture by Epic Stories.


What are the latest designs for bridal mehendi?

The latest bridal mehndi design includes the mehndi telling a story. The trend has our brides drawing human figures or a moment in their mehndis. In full hand mehndi designs we have brides using designs that depict the spirits of royalty. Mehendi designs lately trending also include floral patterns and specially lotus blooming. The peacock design for mehendi never goes off trend and specially if one is going for a full hand mehendi design, this one is always a safe choice

What is the newest trend in wedding photography?

The newest trend in wedding photography includes but are not limited to outdoor shits and drone shots. Wedding photographers lately have also been including natural elements and props in the frame. Like the west the “first look” photos are also trending. Wedding photographers are also setting the trend of documentary style wedding shots, that is they let the wedding go on and be there and shoot it as if invisible capturing moments no one knew are being captured.

What are the newest trends in Indian weddings?

The newest wedding planning trends include having a staycation wedding. For the ones who never have the time off this could be a good weekend getaway full of moments to enjoy. We also have tech free weddings going a hit lately, that is the couples request all the guests to switch off their devices and enjoy the moment by being there rather than capturing it for later use. Supporting the traditional and local artisan of small towns have also become a trend for Indian weddings.

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