Influencer Shivani Bafna marries the man of her dreams!

Indian wedding

The gorgeous Indian TV host and a successful South-Asian entrepreneur, Shivani Bafna got married to her long-time bae Shyam Shah in a big fat Indian wedding style. This superwoman who has many feathers in her hat has been planning this grand event for the past two years. After many hassles and struggles, they all were finally able to execute this “dreamy” marriage in Jaipur, India.

The imperial marriage story of Shivani Bafna

The beginning of forever for Shivani Bafna

It was before the pandemic time happened, one of the happiest moments of Shivani’s life took place. That is to say, he was proposed by her boyfriend in front of the Eiffel Tower, located in the magical city of Paris.

Shivani gafna wedding
Celebrity wedding

The first puja

After much struggles and constant Zoom meetings between all the family members, Shivani Bafna decided to get married in India. Certainly, it all started with a traditional Ganesh puja at her home with close family folk.

Bridal wear
Wedding photography
image shivani_bafna
Indian wedding couple

The super fun mehendi event of Shivani Bafna

Shivani Bafna went super traditional by deciding to conduct a small, intimate Mehendi event at her grandmother’s home terrace! Then after the main event, the celebrations took place with music and formal dances by the couple.

Haldi dress
Indian wedding celebration
image by shivani_bafna
Mehndi ceremony
Mehndi outfits

Mehndi outfits

Sangeet celebration

This was an unique wedding event. For example, the sangeet , the family was instructed to wear anything related to royal colors. Also, from the decor to the event music, everything was inspired by Bollywood.

sangeet ceremony
Couple performance
credit to shivani_bafna
wedding dance


Another extravagant event was the Haldi function where the siblings of the couple were the biggest zenith. Meanwhile, the bride, Shivani Bafna decided to wear a white kaftan which was an explicit choice.

Haldi decor
Image byshivani_bafna
Haldi ceremony ideas
credit to shivani_bafna

The Shaadi event

For the pheras, Shivani had selected to wear pink colored lehenga which was filled with Swarovski crystals and it also was the first bridal lehenga that she has ever tried in her life.

Also, the groom, Shyam Shah too wore a salmon-colored sherwani. However, the entire event was emotional for everyone there and it was a beautiful ceremony too.

bridal entry
credit to shivani_bafna
Jaimala designs
Image byshivani_bafna
wedding photoshoot
Groom wear


Shyam Shah also had worn a black tuxedo on. Also, the family were dancing all night long with a mix of Hollywood, Bollywood and Gujarati songs. Above all, this majestic wedding had been a grand success for the couple and their families.

Likewise, Shivani too wore a royal-blue shaded cocktail gown with a matching necklace.

Reception outfit
Reception wear
Image byshivani_bafna
Photography poses
credit to shivani_bafna
celebrity wedding ideas
credit to shivani_bafna


1.Who is Shivani Bafna?

Shivani Bafna was a joyous TV show host who has interviewed many celebrities at the start of their Bollywood career. Also, she is a social media influencer where she creates content in skincare, Bollywood, and fashion.

2. Where did she marry?

Shivani Bafna had many options to get married with the lockdown and the restrictions of small weddings, they did not know the best place to get married. However, after much thought, she decided to get married in Jaipur as it was the same city where her parents got hitched.

3. What is the brand name of Shivani Bafna? What does it imply?

In 2020, at the start of the pandemic lockdown, Shivani commence an unusual social media portal called Behind Every Dream. It focuses on sharing the tough efforts and oppositions that an individual goes through to achieve a great objective. That is to say, more than showing off your achievements, the podcast of Behind Every Dream exhibits the true reality like a behind scenes concept.

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