The perfect love of Amit and Aditya #pridemonth

LGBT wedding of Amit and Aditya
LGBT wedding of Amit and Aditya

In numerous parts of the world, June is the ‘Gay pride month’. Committed to praising the LGBTQ people group and their battle against segregation and social ostracisation. Numerous nations coordinate month-long exercises and drives that come full circle into a boisterous crescendo of the ‘Gay Pride March’, typically held toward the finish of June, the pride month.

Amit and Aditya are one of those couples who showed that love has no borders. The possibility of two Indian-Hindu men getting married not to mention plan a fantasy-like wedding at a lovely, strict scene with stunningly coordinating musicians is difficult to cross the mind in a South Indian family.

Let’s have a look at their auspicious wedding day.

Wedding photography : Charmi Patel Pena, Reception photography : Paulo Salud

Their actions speak for their love.

Our way of life has been changed a lot seeing Aditya Madiraju and Amit Shah get married. Today on the auspicious event of pride month we are celebrating the love of couples like Amit and Aditya.

A wedding like that of Aditya and Amit is a significant path for same-sex couples. They set out new potential scopes for the world with regards to LGBT individuals.

Arrangements, the delight of shopping, the mehndi party, and photographs with your companions should not be restricted to heterosexual couples. It was three years prior when Aditya and Amit met. Their meeting was the moment and one date was all it took for them to understand that their relationship was what they were seeking after. Quick forward to July 2019, and the couple proposed their wedding on Instagram.

Gay couple, Amit and Aditya, pose for a beautiful pic.

Jab we met

Amit is the owner and creative director of AATMA Performing Arts and touring production organization Mystic India: The World Tour. Aditya works for a bank in New York City in the field of Risk Data Management. They both offer common interests in fashion, travelling and our their pet, Adam. They met at a friend’s birthday party in Manhattan and instantly felt the connection.

The proposal

There wasn’t a declared proposal. Being a quiet couple they never truly wanted to do any of that. They both realized it was the ideal opportunity for them to get married. It was an unspoken understanding. They understood what the other individual was thinking and things unfurled naturally. They got married at City Hall in New York in January 2018 and facilitated their Hindu wedding in July 2019.

Both of them look a
handsome and perfect together

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