Brides who slayed in their matching lehenga-dupatta

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We have brides going all frenzy in their colour coordinated lehenga dupatta. No matter what colors brides choose for their bridal lehenga they anyways look extremely pretty but. Let’s have a look at the brides who choose to wear matching lehenga and dupatta.

Matching lehenga dupatta looking good?

For decades we have had brides wearing red lehenga as well as red dupatta. The colour red in itself is such a bold color that it gives of royal vibes immediately. This bride has a red lehenga as the base colour but all that is reflecting in the heavy design work in gold. Her dupatta is very similar with intricate designing in gold.

Orange is the color of confidence and yellow is the colour that portrays the feeling of warmth and happiness. This bride wearing lehenga and dupatta of the colour orangish yellow gives off all the above said vibes. Both her lehenga and dupatta are scalloped with zari work.

The white colour stands for simplicity and so does this bride. Wearing an all white coloured wedding outfit not only does she looks simple but elegant and gorgeous as well. Her entire outfit has a subtle reflection of work in metallic gold.

Blue and silver overflowing in the wedding outfit of this bride might be symbolic of her feeling of being on cloud nine! The colour blue usually gives of feeling of calmness but the detailed work of silver in this bridal wear makes us wander our eyes.

Royal blue lehenga dupatta
Source : Saloni Sajan

This bride wearing royal blue bridal outfit looks extremely royal herself. She looks stupendous and majestic. Her dupatta has a little of similar work that her lehenga has overflowing. With her jewellery matching her extreme detailed work in her lehenga she looks like a poised beauty.

The colour maroon stands for royalty and so does this bride. With pearl typed flower embroidery all over her lehenga she looks magnificent. Her dupatta has less to no work compared to her lehenga.

Pink is the colour for sophistication and love, and this bride in nude pink coloured bridal outfit looks extremely lovely and adorable. Though she is wearing a nude shade of pink the convoluted design work is done with complimentary colour, giving her lehenga extreme shine. Her dupatta has minimal but similar work on the borders.


What are the latest trends in bridal lehengas?

The latest trends in bridal lehengas are heavy can-can underneath the bridal lehengas, clean look with shimmery designs, different shades of loud and bold colours as well as lowkey nudes. Brides this season have also experimented with their blouse designs and have added elements to it that draws all eyes. Bridal lehengas trending have added accessories like belts and playful dupattas.

What are the best bridal lehenga trends?

The best bridal lehenga trends that we know off are that brides have decided to ditch the colour red for their lehenga and experiment with all sorts of loud and nude shades as per their choices. We also have that the brides are going for matching lehenga and dupatta colour for their bridal wear. Some brides are choosing extreme detailing and intricate, heavy work for their lehenga, giving all glittery look. The colour white for bridal lehenga is making a heavy hit lately, making all brides look extremely dreamy.

What are the newest trends in Indian weddings?

The newest wedding planning trends include having a staycation wedding. For the ones who never have the time off this could be a good weekend getaway full of moments to enjoy. We also have tech free weddings going a hit lately, that is the couples request all the guests to switch off their devices and enjoy the moment by being there rather than capturing it for later use. Supporting the traditional and local artisan of small towns have also become a trend for Indian weddings.

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