Bridal entries that made us go wow!

Bridal entry

An Indian wedding ceremony isn’t always only a ceremony, it’s far an extravaganza that envelopes plenty more than the traditional rituals. It includes astounding music, innovative dances, a drama with an abundance of characters, and of course the bonding of households for generations to come. The bride is the maximum treasured person at the wedding. Her arrival makes heads flip around and each person halts to get a glimpse of this fabulous bride. There might be music, plenty of hooting, or even extra sighs whilst she enters the venue. From her outfits to access to her radiance, she is the most exquisite bride at her wedding. Let’s take a look at a number of the precise bridal entries thoughts that made us go wow.

Grand and quirky bridal entry

Source: Shutter down
Source: Shades Photography India

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. who slay together, stay together

Source: Delhi Velvet
Source: Tales by storyteller

The bride walked down the aisle with her prettiest flower girls

Source: Shades Photography India

Smooth and sailing water bridal entry that made us go wow

Source: Pinterest

A sparkling bridal entry!

Source: Sunny Dhiman

A walk to remember with your bridesmaid

Source: Infinite Memories

An entry with a floral umbrella

Source: Dipak Studios
Source: Pinterest

This bride has amazingly made her entry in a vintage car

Source: Sunny Dhiman

Give your parents the limelight and enter with them

Source: Pinterest
Source: Shutter Down

Bring in the bridal royalty entry

Walk-in with your main man

Entry with a delicate Phoolon ki chadar

Source: Shutter Down
Source: Sunny Dhiman

Dancing the way in for your special bridal entry!

Knotting Bells

So, here are some of the most unique and interesting ideas for the bridal entries that made us go wow.

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Who is the best destination wedding photographer in Delhi?

The Wed Cafe Team led by Rajesh Luthra is the best destination wedding photographer in delhi. He stands as one of the best wedding photographers in India. This team offers a wide range of services from candid photography to wedding teasers and they are very subjective with each of their clients promising to deliver best of their work with their expertise and creativity. 

Which are good and affordable candid wedding photographer in Delhi?

Some of the best wedding photographers that do candid photography and are affordable, in Delhi are Tushar Batra Films, their charges are 80k/day. If you are a little more tight on budget you can go for either Wedmeclick with their charges being 65k/day or Stories by Bhuwan Gupta, Mohit Arora Productions, Sharp Shotz with the charges of all three being 50k/day. 

What is the newest trend in wedding photography?

The newest trend in wedding photography includes but are not limited to outdoor shots and drone shots. Wedding photographers lately have also been including natural elements and props in the frame. Like the west the “first look” photos are also trending. Wedding photographers are also setting the trend of documentary style wedding shots, that is they let the wedding go on and be there and shoot it as if invisible capturing moments no one knew are being captured. 

Which are the different styles of wedding photography?

There are various different styles of wedding photography. These include traditional wedding photography which captures photos that’ll be suitable to add to the wedding album like the one with both the families of bride and groom. Then we have, natural photography, that is, natural light, outdoor setting, etc. A third style is documentary photography, here the wedding photographer captures true emotions as they are by being almost invisible at the moment. Last but not the least we have the portrait wedding photography, here the main focus is the couple getting married. 

Who is the best pre-wedding photographer in India?

The best pre-wedding photographer in India is the Wedding Story official. Narrating one’s wedding story through their passionate lenses is a task that they are absolutely good at. They offer not just pre-wedding services but all sorts of services one would want for wedding photography. We also have Taj wedding Films (mumbai), Splash Studio (mumbai), Photoeth Studio (delhi) and Filming B productions(mumbai), who are equally good pre-wedding photographers.

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