Bengali brides who looked like a Rani in wedding saree

Indian bride

“Oh shonduri…Tomar monta diye jao, Tara Tari eshe jao…”

Bengali’s love for wearing saree on the wedding day has been constant. Especially the red Banarasi saree or as it’s said in Bengali as ‘Lal Benarosi’. In fact, they prefer wearing different types of sarees during all the rituals of the wedding ceremony. Starting from the day of ashirbaad, which is the day of blessing when the marriage gets fixed, till the day of bou bhat, it is the ceremony arranged by the groom’s family to introduce the new bride to the entire family. Throughout all the functions, the Bengali brides are seen wearing sarees.

We have spotted a few Bengali brides who looked like Rani on their wedding day. By wearing these beautiful sarees, paired with a matching or contrasting blouse and ghoomta / ghoonghat and then adorned by gold ornaments, who can stop you from being a RANI?

Check these bridal looks and take inspiration from them to get your perfect wedding day look. If you are not the traditional kind of bride, then we have got ideas for you as well. Not only Benarosi but other gorgeous silk sarees of different colors and patterns that might suit your style!

Bengali bride
Credits: Instagram

The typical but exquisite Bengali bride’s look, with the ‘Lal Benarosi saree’ and gold ornaments.

Banarsi saree
Credits: Pinterest

Pinky Devi! Gorgeous hot pink and golden border Benarosi saree crafted with zari work.

Indian bridal saree
Credits: Dipjyoti Photogrphy

Peacock blue and red border saree with golden zari work. Looks so elegant!

Traditional bridal saree
Credits: Raj Banerjee

Bengali’s fav ‘Lal par Sada saree’ never goes out of style.

Bengali saree
Credits: Rajesh Makeover

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