Auspicious Wedding Dates of 2022 For South Indian Marriages

Auspicious wedding dates
Indian wedding dates

The fresh aroma of jasmine flowers, the traditional décor, gorgeous Kanjeevaram sarees are some of the unique features of a fascinating South Indian marriage. No matter what the religion is followed by a family, the Tamil cultural rituals are very interesting to look at and follow. These are some of the auspicious dates when you can fix your Tamil wedding.

Best dates for a South Indian couple to get wedded

January month for the South Indian mates

14th January 2022 (Friday)

20th January 2022 (Thursday)

27th January 2022(Thursday)

28th January 2022(Friday)

South Indian wedding dates

New year comes with new chances of happiness and challenges. Still being in the cautious state of panic due to the Covid and Omicron virus, people have postponed their marriages due to many unavoidable reasons. But have a positive mindset towards good happenings is the way to survive.

February month for the South Indian duos

Auspicious indian wedding dates

Romance is in the air when a couple gets together for a lifetime. The second month, February just adds a dash of excitement to the already amazed couple. In short, it can’t more better than getting hitched in the month of love.

6 February 2022, Sunday

11th February 2022, Friday

18th February 2022, Friday

21st February 2022, Monday

25th February 2022, Friday

27th February 2022, Sunday


4th March 2022 – Friday

9th March 2022 – Wednesday

10th March 2022 – Thursday

The year 2002, does not seem to have many blessed dates for a South Indian marriage to take place. So, we have selected the best three days for a breezy wedding.

Indian wedding calender


Who does not like a fresh spring wedding. Moreover, with the lovely flowers and nature in bloom, it is the best chance to have a great wedding photographs clicked. Thus, the entire South Indian family can enjoy the nuptials ceremony with a grand bash.

Auspicious dates of wedding in April

14th April 2022, Thursday

15th April 2022, Friday

17th April 2022, Sunday

18th April 2022, Monday

21st April 2022, Thursday

22nd April 2022, Friday


Wedding dates for May

11th May 2022, Wednesday

12th May 2022, Thursday

13th May 2022, Friday

18th May 2022, Wednesday

20th May 2022, Friday

25th May 2022, Wednesday

26th May 2022, Thursday

27th May 2022, Friday

Even when there are scorching heat waves to fight against in the May month, this year there seems to be a lot of auspicious days to get married. Plan a fantastic destination wedding and have the time of your lives.


The beginning of the sweet monsoon climate comes with a lot of supreme blessings and opportunities. In other words, it is the best time to seize a lucky date out of these scheduled auspicious days for the new phase for your life.

1st June 2022, Wednesday

6th June 2022, Monday

10th June 2022, Friday

12th June 2022, Sunday

13th June 2022, Monday

15th June 2022, Wednesday

16th June 2022, Thursday

22nd June 2022, Wednesday

23rd June 2022, Thursday

Marriage dates


The next month after the rise of the monsoon month has got to have many special reasons to be happy about. Marriages in July have a great impact on everyone. Here are the auspicious dates of this month:

3rd July  2022 – Sunday

4th July  2022 – Monday

6th July 2022 – Wednesday

8th July 2022 – Friday

10th July 2022 – Sunday

11th July 2022 – Monday

13th July 2022 – Thursday

Monsoon month wedding dates

Auspicious wedding dates

There are no auspicious dates in the month of August, September and October.

Auspicious dates in August, september and october


Wedding dates

We have to almost the end of the year and you still haven’t fixed the special date for your big wedding day. Then check out these three grand dates in November to tie the knot.

20th November 2022 – Sunday

25th November 2022 – Friday

27th November 2022 – Sunday

Wedding dates November


As we are awaiting the new year now, what can bring more joy than to end the year with a beautiful celebration as your wedding.

Indian wedding

2nd December 2022 – Friday 

4th December 2022 – Sunday

9th  December 2022 – Friday

South Indian wedding

FAQs for the South Indian wedding couples

1.How different is a North Indian than South Indian Lunar calendar?

Normally, there are two kinds of Lunar calendars. One ends with a full moon day called the Purnimanta lunar calendar, and the other ends with a no moon day called the Amanta calendar. The Purnimanta is followed by most Northern Indian states like Haryana, Gujarat, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh.

The South Indian states like Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, etc follow the Amanta lunar calendar to determine the auspicious dates for any special event.

2. How long does it take to determine an auspicious date?

There is no fixed time to determine the perfect match to a perfect date. It totally depends on the standards that is provided by the family. The lesser the conditions, the more faster the process will end.

3. How to calculate an auspicious date?

For a wedding, it is important to know the zodic sign details of the couple to know if they made for each other. For a precaution, it is safer to check the parents’ zodiac signs too to bestow more blessings on the happy couple.

4. Why is it important to estimate an auspicious date?

When grand events like weddings, housewarmings, take place on a promising day, it leads to success and prosperity. It will also deviate the bad omen.

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