All inspos for a pre-wedding photoshoot

Pre-wedding photoshoot

In a world and age of social media, technology, and new cultures, pre-wedding photoshoots have taken the wedding world by a storm! So what exactly is this? It refers to a short photo session with your photographers 3-6 months prior to a couple’s wedding. The purpose of such a shoot is that a couple should get familiar with being in front of a camera, build a rapport with their photographers, and lastly, capture lovely couple moments of them. After all, who doesn’t love them photographed? Especially with the love of their lives. So here we are to help you decide the whats and wheres of your pre-wedding photoshoot.

Props for pre-wedding photoshoot

If you want a funky-peppy pre wedding shoot, then opt for photo props. They are little details which add volume to your candid. Don’t just use a prop. Have fun with it! After all, a shoot should be memorable, not monotonous.

1. The ‘LOVE’ letters

2. The rings of love

3. The balloon room

Via Pinterest

4. The confetti prop

Pre-wedding photoshoot ideas

To capture your perfect photos, a couple and their photographer need to brainstorm regarding what they want to achieve. Hence, to lessen a bit of your burden, here we have 6 shoot ideas-

1. The sparkler photography

2. Save the date inspo!

3. The ‘save at home’ pre-wedding photo ideas

4. The fun-tastic shoot ideas

5. The stunning silhouette

6. Photoshoot ideas in nature

Photographers for a pre-wedding shoot

When a couple decides to get a pre-wedding shoot, the main task is of choosing the right photographers. So here we have handpicked 5 photographers or studios to help you make the right choice

1. Pre-wedding Dipak Studios

2. Couple Photoshot

3. Woodpecker Photography

4. SevenQ Weddings

5. Lafabuloso

Pre-wedding photoshoot makeup ideas

While a pre-wedding shoot is all about memories and fun, a girl should not take her makeup lightly. To help you decide on yours for the day, here we have 7 looks to help you choose from

1. Go for a detailed eye makeover

2. The Nude Makeup with a smokey eye

3. Opt for a glittery eye

4. The classic cultural look

5. Opt for a twinning makeover

6. The multi-faced eye look

7. The Matte Mantra

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