23+ Sexy Backless Blouse Designs for the bride to be

Blouse designs

“Happy is the bride whom the sun shines on”. Don’t just flaunt that lehenga, beat the heat at the same time! Sexy backless blouse designs will always be in trend. The possibilities of pairing that perfect blouse with your choice of sarees, lehenga’s and skirts are endless. Look no further, for we have curated this collection for the would-be brides.

Read on to find some of the best sexy backless blouse designs we’ve come across for the bride to be. In conclusion,these are sure to elevate your outfit to the next level.

1.Embroidered blouse for a chic look.

This blouse screams elegant, royal and fancy. In addition,string tied backless blouse with an inverted V-cut is a hoot.

Backless blouse
Source: Pinterest

2. Designer U cut blouse with tassels.

This blouse is heavy with gold embossed embroidery, standing in stark contrast to the magenta fabric, giving it the vibrant look.

Designer Backless blouse
Source: Pinterest

3. The perfect fit for any outfit

Plain yet attractive gold blouses are an arsenal any bride must have in her wardrobe. In addition, these match with a variety of colors, always ready for a backup!

Wedding saree
Source: Pinterest

4. String and tassel full sleeved blouse.

The long sleeved with ethnic patterns give a most royal vibe. Pair it with this white gold saree, for instance.

 full sleeved blouse.
Source: Pinterest

5. Open back design.

This baby pink color has something special about it. Most importantly, it can go with almost any outfit.

Open back design.
Source: Pinterest

6. The Super Trendy U-cut with a bow look

This one is unique, cute and demands to be tried out!

V-cut blouse designs
Source: Pinterest

7. Criss -Cross string patterns.

Simple has never been better. A fantastic color scheme combined with a creative splash yields beautiful results.

Dori blouse
Source: Pinterest

8. See through fabric with embroidery

This blouse is backless without being so! We can only swoon over it.

Embroidered blouse
Source: Pinterest

9. Royal Blue blouse with intricate tassels

A classic design which holds up to modern trends.

Royal Blue blouse
Source: Backless back

10. Floral designs that leave you flabbergasted!

Floral transparent blouse
Source: Youtube

11. Floral designs that leave you flabbergasted!

White and gold can in a silk fabric can make an outfit sing.

 Floral design blouse
Source: Pinterest

12. This dark brown blouse with printed textures and the full sleeves is unique unto itself.

Full sleeves suit
Souce: Pinterest

13. This inverted V cut blouse has an element of fun to it, because of thee multi-colored doris.

Stylish blouse
Souce: Pinterest

14. This pink blouse with gold sequins is a thing of beauty.

golden sequins blouse
Souce: Pinterest

15. Dark colors are the new sexy.

Backless designer blouse
Souce: Pinterest

16. This is that blouse piece that has been worn in TV weddings for years. Its time for you to get your own!

Indian saree blouse
Souce: Pinterest

17. This red blouse is rich in Indie vibes. The semi-circle cut with gold streaks radiating is a masterpiece.

Indian designer blouse
Souce: Pinterest

18. For starters, red-white-gold are classic south Indian colors. Secondly, the white emboss work steals our hearts.

Saree blouse ideas
Souce: Pinterest

19. The intricate gold tassels gleam bright. In contrast, The pink and silver fabric supports the look.

Best saree blouse
Souce: Pinterest

20. This almond cut design is trending these days. In conclusion, you’ve got to try this!

almond cut blouse design
Souce: Pinterest

21. An oval cut backless blouse with a zari border.

 oval cut backless blouse
Souce: Pinterest

22. Silk fabric in white with an intricate touch of gold.

Silk fabric in white blouse
Souce: Pinterest

23. A double dori blouse studded with golden embroidery.

double dori blouse
Souce: Pinterest

24. An ornate piece. A hand crafted backless design. This is an original.

Customised blouse
Souce: Pinterest

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