15 bridal eye makeup ideas you just can’t miss

“Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.” This phrase dates back to the 19th century, meaning beauty doesn’t exist by itself but is is created by the observers. Also, Eyes express exactly what the heart feels. And MUAs are committed as ever to take up different ways to beautify the eyes of their clients. Here is our collection of 15 bridal eye makeup ideas to draw inspiration from.

1. Glittery lids to set fire

The spark in the bride’s eyes on her D-Day is unexplainable. Why let the milliseconds gap of blinking go without that sparkle? With glittery eyelids, her eyes are going to shine throughout the wedding- eyes open or close.

Glittery bridal eye makeup look
Makeup by: Simran Malik

2. Golden glow for a golden dream come true

Gold is love for women. Bangles, jhumkas, necklaces, chokers, rings and what not… Women fall head over heels for it. For that extreme-fan of Gold, this is the right choice.

3. Match with the accessories and Rock

The bridal shopping begins with the outfit. Then the hunt for matching accessories begins. From head to toe, each attire has two or three main colors. So why let eyes speak differently?

Eye makeup matching the accessories
Makeup by: Supriya Anubhuti

4. Shine like the Sun

The Sun’s rays give a feeling of hope and warmth. This subtle shade is equally welcoming.

Orange bridal eye makeup look
Makeup by: Saakshi Oswal

5. Contrasting colors to stand out

While contrast combination is common in outfits and also in furniture garments, curtains, and where not, how about trying this for your eyes? It’ll be really eye catching.

Contrasting colors to stand out eye makeup
Makeup by: Hema thakur via Instagram

6. Rainbow shades

This shimmery eyes are extremely elegant. With a mix of colors, this look is as vibrant as a rainbow.

Rainbow shades eye makeup
Makeup by: Supriya Anubhuti

7. For the drama queen

Brides who are into dance, acting, theatres or simply love the look of artists can go for this look. Drama winged liner makes the eyes look bigger and enhances the look.

Eye makeup for the drama queen
Image Source: Pinterest

8. Metallic look

Metallic or Bronze bridal eye makeup ideas have gained momentum recently. The lustrous shade when accompanied with winged liner and temple jewellery, gives a divine vibe.

Metallic eye makeup
Image Source: Pinterest

9. Angel’s eyes

Love is a fairy tale. And the union is a moment of bliss. To be the princess of your tale, and the angel to your would-be’s eyes, this look is just perfect.

Angel's eyes bridal eye makeup look
Makeup by: Devika Arora

10. Light Brown Eyes

This light-brownish bridal eye makeup has all our hearts. The subtle eye shade is elegant and welcoming.

Light brown bridal eye makeup
Image Source: Pinterest

11. Unicolored look

While going for a top to bottom single-color look, why let your eyes apart? Match your eye shadow with the outfit and leave everyone in awe.

Unicolored look
Image Source: Instagram

12. Colored liner

Why go with the traditional black liner all the time? This colored liner look is vibrant.

Colored liner
Image Source: Simran Malik

13. Bold and Smokey

Black is bold. Bold is beautiful. This bold-lined smokey eyes is vivid and lively.

Bold and Smokey eyes
Image Source: Pinterest

14. Pearlistic eyes

Pearls are utterly precious and amazingly shimmery. Add this glow to your eyes for your special day. You are worth every penny.

15. Minimal eyes to look natural

With minimalism on the go, leave your eyes in their natural shade, or just add detailing to enhance the features- a simple liner and a bit of eye shadow matching your skin tone will do magic.

Minimal bridal eye makeup look
Image Source: SANKER PHOTOGRAPHY via Instagram

It is the same cluster of things- the eye shadow, liner, falsies and the brow shapes. But beautifying is all about how you use them; how you arrange them. That is an area in which professional Makeup Artists can help you out. Be the best on your special day.

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