10 Budget Haldi Decor Ideas under 25k

Budget Haldi Decor

Haldi has always been the ‘fun’ ceremony when it comes to weddings. It is commonly an intimate ceremony with only the closest ones. However, in times like these, it’s become a ‘home’ intimate affair. So, when it’s with family and friends, it’s all about comfort and making memories. And hence, there is no need to empty your pockets for this ceremony. So here we have 10 budget haldi decor under 25k.

1.The easy peasy Welcome decor

These Welcome decors are absolutely easy to create or print. You can either print a welcome template or paint a canvas yellow!

2. The haldi seating decor for bride, groom or both!

Haldi seating decor for the couple or just one of them is inspired by the heavy flowering of marigold, jasmine, or barleria.

3. The budget haldi decor for guests to chill

The seating arrangements for guests needs to be absolute chill! After all, several fun memories are made in pre-wedding ceremonies. For this, we ditch the flowering and opt for funky, bright decor.

4. The photo-jamming sessions!

Our pick for Haldi photo booths are inspired by both, floral and DIYs. You can either opt for an easy DIY photobooth or go retro with marigold and a prop.

5. Or opt for photo session props!

While photo booths are absolutely a must for any ceremony, photo props are the new go-to decor ideas! You can opt for a full floral photo prop, an artificial floral one, or printable ones.

6. Artificial rangoli decor

Rangolis are a must for any event! Be it a festival or a wedding ceremony. Not a big fan of using flowers or color? Then these artificial rangolis are just for you.

7. Or go old school!

No one has ever or can ever go wrong with floral rangolis. Add these little yet stunning pieces of decor to your decor list.

8. Minimal hanging haldi decors for home

These minimal haldi decors are an absolute must for an initiate home haldi ceremony. Be it genda hangings or diya hangings, these are little decor ideas to add up to your whole vibe!

9. Add these little adorable pieces to your table!

Like it or not, a table’s job is much more than allowing us to devour our favorite food. It can be beautified 10x with these tiny simple center pieces.

10. Genda studded jhoolas

These decorated jhoolas have 3 reasons to be on your list. It adds to your decor, it acts as a great photo booth, and last but not the least, you can just chill out. If you don’t want a heavy traditional jhoola, opt for bamboo swings instead. And to be honest, who wouldn’t want a gorgeous jhoola for their ceremony?

Bonus- The eye for detailing

While rituals are the soul of any ceremony, the heart lies in the decor. And detailing to decor is what leads to a perfect ceremony. After all, who doesn’t want to have a perfect ambiance for their rasam? From mini earthen pots, diyas, customized miniature snack holders to DIY utensils, here are a few ideas to incorporate into your day.

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