Top 40 Bridesmaid Hairstyles We Found!

Bridesmaid hairstyle

The bridal tribe is truly the star of any wedding! Bridesmaids are also equally stunning as the bride, serving as her closest confidantes. She also has to bring her A – game to the wedding! Apart from the best fashion influences, hair also deserves some dolling up. Check out these bridesmaid hairstyles we think will make for a fab bridesmaid!

We love some messy waves and specks of floral!

We also love this minimal and sparkly look you can try at a wedding!

The headpiece and ponytail is truly one of our favorites!

Spruce up your bun with some fresh flowers!

Baby breath is a must for any bridesmaid hairstyle!

You can try different kinds of braids and accessories!

Adding just a touch of the bling to a messy bun.

Loose curls are perfect for a laidback event!

Another easy – breezy look for a morning event!

Layer your maangtika on a simple hairstyle like this!

We love how neatly this look is done! Definitely on our picks for bridesmaid hairstyles.

A unique look for bridesmaid hairstyles!

This simple look can easily be done by any bridesmaid!

This stunning hairstyle has left us speechless!

Loose braids are a new trend in the bridesmaid hairstyles scene. Do try them out!

Frame your bun with some flowers. It truly works magic!

Mogra is always a classic for Indian hairstyles!

Surely, this look is best for any morning event!

You can add flowers even in open styles like this!

Make some color coordination with florals or other embellishments!

Isn’t this hairstyle absolutely neat? You can go so many ways with baby breath flowers; do include them!

Add your ornaments in unique styles to stand out!

Be sure to add some statement pieces to your hair!

Bring in all the glam for a night event!

Loose curls are always a bridesmaid’s best friend.

Let your locks steal the show!

With a style like that, some minimal jewelry is enough to complete the look!

Nothing as too much bling for a bridesmaid!

Certainly, this one is a unique hair ornament!

Doesn’t this hairstyle look absolutely elegant?

Use some matching flowers with your outfit!

This one is truly for all the quirky bridesmaids!

Truly, there are so many ways in which you can style your long hair!

A white outfit definitely calls for some sparkle on the hair!

Loving how the pearls are complemented with blush pink florals.

Amp up your loose braids with some large flowers!

Butterfly clips are also a new trend for hairstyles!

You could also go all out with florals on your braid!

Absolutely stunning designs on this braid!

Lastly, a unique floral arrangement to end our fab collection!

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