These Groom team performances will keep you astounded

Photography: Mir Anwar Studios

A wedding is incomplete without the lady of the hour and the to-be husband appreciating and performing with their friends on some dancy Bollywood numbers. Just like having some ‘masti’ and getting some amazing memorable clicks with your bridesmaids or groomsmen, setting up some beautifully choreographed Groom team performances with them should make your wedding even more special.

Bride and bridesmaid performances are a common custom nowadays. But, why should girls have all the fun, so here are some grooving grooms who will keep you astounded by their performances. However, more than that, it is a great method of getting everybody into the bubbly mode and gaining a couple of experiences with your friends and family before you bid goodbye to your lone ranger days.

Even you can try these dance routines with your groomsmen. let’s have a look at these mesmerizing dance performances.

1. When the groom joins his old dance team to surprise everyone
Credit: Aperina Studios

2. If you think brides can make you move then wait until you watch this performance by the groom squad on ‘Husna ha suhana’
Credit: Unique Vivah

3. This groovy performance by Nikhil’s groomsmen will get you hooked
Credit: Magic Motion Media

4. ‘Tera yaar hoon main’ : dancing and grooving to the melody this performance will surely touch your heart
Credit: Chetan Shimpi

5. Have a look at this funky wedding dance at Harry Satwani’s wedding sangeet
Credit: Rohit Aneriya

6. The most romantic act a groom can perform for his lady
Credit: Zowed

7. Are you a fan of punjabi beats, then groove to the move on this ‘Gal Ban Gayi’ dance
Credit: Shahroz A

8. This performance by the groom squad went viral on the internet for its classy moves on ‘Aankh Maarey + Mera Wala’
Credit: Shahroz A

9. Rock your sangeet with your dear cousins and friends just like this groom did
Credit: Zowed

10. Hope you all remember the iconic songs from ‘Mohabbatein’, then why not show your moves on the everhit romantic numbers from the film
Credit: Zowed


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