Guide to get a perfect wedding planner for your Special Day!


Wedding is undoubtedly the most cherished and beautiful memory for every couple. But, with it comes a plethora of duties and responsibilities which are needed to be taken care of on time. From the guest list to the venue to a choreographer to the wedding attire, it all calls for attention, it is easy to hire a team of best wedding planners to make your wedding day even more special. 

Before making the final call, an interview is a must to know if they are worthy of handling the huge responsibility of your wedding day. So, read these questions you must ask before hiring a wedding planner. 


Ques 1. Are you available for our wedding date?

Basic but very important questions because you cannot hire them if they are not available on your day of the wedding.

Ques 2. How many weddings have you planned?

Prior wedding planning experience is a must, so you’d like to hire someone who’s planned at least a few. You can also ask a few specifics to have a better understanding of their experience. 

Ques 3. What is the average budget of the weddings planned by them?

It is better to have an idea of the previous budgets they have worked on so then, you can bring your budget on the table. 

Ques 4. Do you typically work with the same team of vendors?

Wedding planners already have a network of vendors they prefer to work with, but this might not be your choice, so it is better to ask in advance if they are open to working with other vendors or vendors of your choice.

Ques 5. Do you work out a Plan-B?

This is just to understand do they have another plan in mind in case of any last-minute vendor cancellation.

If you think your wedding planner fulfills this criteria, we must say you should just start get going with them. Else, you know Fab Weddings always got you covered. We are here with our Fab Team of professional wedding planners who are always ready for almost every type of wedding. Be it, destination wedding or traditional Indian weddings, we just know how to make it the best day of your life.

If all goes well, woohoo! You’ve found your team of superheroes.

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