Groom Sehra that we spotted on real grooms and loved!

Groom sehra
Groom sehra design
Credits: Pinterest

An Indian Groom‘s face is hidden by wearing Sehra on his wedding day. As per the custom, the Sehra or headdress is worn by the groom intended to ward off the evil eye. Also, the bride and groom are not supposed to see each other before their wedding ceremony.

Before leaving for the Bride‘s house, an event called “Sehra Bandi” takes place. The Groom’s sister or any of his female relatives ties the Sehra around the groom’s head.

Do have a look at these groom’s veils that are made of flowers or beads.

The magical Rajnigandha/Tuberose and Pink rose combination Sehra.

groom accessories
Credits: Pinterest

The bejeweled Sehra in gold!

Floral sehra
Credits: Pinterest

The white pearl Sehra is so tranquil!

Pearl sehra
Credits: Pinterest

The silver bead Sehra is so attractive!

silver bead Sehra
Credits: Damion Edwards Photography

Alternative strings of pearls and feathers give a quirky look!

Sehra designs
Credits: Pinterest

Strings of pearls Sehra looks so pure!

Groom wear
Credits: Pinterest

The classic bead Sehra!

Indian groom sehra
Credits: Navdeep Soni

The Marathi style Sehra for grooms.

Marathi style sehra
Credits: Pinterest

The South Indian style Sehra for grooms.

South Indian style Sehra for grooms
Credits: Pinterest

The Sehra with strings of Rajnigandha/Tuberose followed by Red rose hangings.

Unique sehra designs
Credits: Pinterest

White thread Sehra with red patterns creates a good contrast!

white thread sehra
Credits: Pinterest

The eyecatching golden Sehra!

Golden sehra
Credits: Pinterest

The white and golden beads combo!

latest sehra designs
Credits: Pinterest

So here was a collection of Groom Sehra that we spotted on real Grooms and loved!

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