Aanal Savaliya Hairstyles To Take Inspirations From!

Accessory for open hairstyle

Wedding season is here, and every bride is wondering what to do with their hair! After all, with so many outfits to wear, who’d want a regular hairdo? Gorgeous, trendy hairstyles with curls, waves, stylish pins, tugged-in buns, and what not! Whether you’re wearing a lehenga choli, an Indo-western, or a traditional Indian saree, these hairstyles will go with any of them. And, why just weddings? You can style your hair with gorgeous outfits on other festive occasions too.

In this blog, we’ve curated some of the top trending hairstyles by Aanal Savaliya- one of the top hairstylists, that you can take inspiration from!

The Bridal Hairdo For A Wedding

Aanal Savaliya hairstyle for a bridal wedding

Colourful Bun Hairstyle For A Festive Occasion

colourful bun hairstyle by Aanal Savaliya

Curls Hanging Down From A Beady-Bun

Curl hairstyle for a bride by Aanal Savaliya

Tangled-Up Hairstyle For A Sexy Outlook

Pretty red flowers for your tangled-up bun

Top Hairstyles For Bridal Mehndi By Aanal Savaliya

Top hairstyle for bridal mehndi by aanal savaliya

The Traditional Hairdo For Women By Aanal Savaliya

traditional hairdos for indian festivities by aanal savaliya

A Perfectly Rounded Bun -With -Beads Hairdo By Aanal Savaliya

Hairstyle for backless blouse by Aanal savaliya

Inspirational Hairdos By Stylist Aanal Savaliya

Inspirational  hairstyles with beautiful hairpins by Aanal Savaliya

A Bun With A Tiara-Style Crown

Bun with tiara crown hairdo by Aanal Savaliya

Gorgeous Hairdos For Every Occasion

Gorgeous hairstyle for brides by Aanal Savaliya

It’s Never Too Old With Rajanigandha

South Indian bun hairstyle with flowers by Aanal Savaliya

A Simple Yet Elegant Hairstyle For Festivities

A simple yet elegant hairstyle for festivities

Hairstyle Inspirations For Long Swirly Hair

Hairdos for long hair by Aanal Savaliya

How To Style Your Long Hair With Royal Jewelry !

styling hair with beautiful jewelry

Sexy Hairdos By Aanal Savaliya For Your Pretty Engagement Gowns

Get All Classy With Curls And Flowery Hairpins

Stylish Hairdos For Weddings By Aanal Savaliya

The Engagement Hairstyle Inspiration

Keep It Simple With Your Long, Shiny Hair

A Unique Fish Braid For Wedding Festivities

Get All Ancient With Redefined Hairdo Styles By Aanal Savaliya

Stars In Your Hair!

Pretty Butterflies Stuck In Curls

Lavender Blooming In The Hair

Lavender hairpins for your bridal hairdo styles

Gorgeous Hairstyles For Swirly Hair

Gorgeous hairstyles for brides by Aanal savaliya

South Indian Hairstyle For Festive Occasions

south-indian hairstyles for Aanal savaliya

Ribbon- In -Your -Hair Style By Aanal Savaliya

inspirational hairstyles by Aanal savaliya

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