7 Celebrity Beards We are Drooling Over…..!!

7 Celebrity Beards We are Drooling Over.....!!

Transcending from religious closets (Jesus or Moses), beards have ushered men into bagging the lumbersexual titles. Yes, we are talking about the drool worthy celebrities with their scruffy facial hair and gel hairstyles. Laid back looks with a scholarly appearance, what is it about beards that make men so hot and sexy? Is it the macho feel or a man with mature looks that make the martians with stubble too hot to resist? While we contemplate the real reason behind the appeal of the beards, lets have a look at these celebrities who never fail to make a statement.
Ryan Gosling
Ryan GoslingFrom Notebook to 2016, Ryan Gosling has managed to keep us girls on our toes. Whether a light stubble or a porn star look with a heavy mustache and wispy chin whiskers, Ryan can pull of a bearded look any given day.
Chris Hemsworth
Thor the thunder of hotness, Chris rules the world with the straight edged scruff. The sparkle in the Australian actor’s blue eyes makes our heart skip a beat and with that beard, oh well, we’ll say no more!
David Beckham
Some people transform into a Greek gods with facial hair, the soccer superstar is definitely one of them. With and without is like two different persons, but we will take Beckham always. Period.
George Clooney
GeorgeClooney-530x331Older men with salt-pepper, full beard & classy vibes, George Clooney has wooed girls of all age groups. Hasn’t he?
Hugh Jackman
A distinguished gentleman, Hugh looks good in the facial hair look. His macho personality and humble eyes dazzle more with the scurffy image.
Will Smith
A man who knows his style, is a man who knows how to play the game by the rules and win it too. Will Smith has been loyal to his beards, and he has all the reason to!
Bradley Cooper
bradely cooper
Last but the first in this case, Bradley Cooper is hands down a Greek God and he has been an inspiration when it comes to flaunting & maintaining facial hair. We love you Bradley!
For all you men out there reading this, you might want to know that women like their men & food hot & spicy!
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