50+ Bridal Pattu Sarees Worn By Real Brides

Kanjeevaram saree

Sarees are an identity for the Indian culture. What’s more fascinating is the number of varieties of saree styles you get in India. Even more interesting is that every region has its own style of sarees. You can just pick any state and there you go- a whole different attire for you to take inspiration from.

The South Indian Sarees are very famous, especially the Kanjeevaram ones. What makes them stand out in the market is their texture and material. Most of the South Indian brides prefer wearing their regional Pattu sarees. These sarees are so unique in themselves that they have acquired the geographical indication tag in the past.

Here’s a list of 30+ bridal Pattu sarees curated for you to take an inspiration from. You can choose one of these to wear at your wedding or maybe someone else’s as well. !

1. The Royal Glossy Finish Of A Bridal Kanchipuram Silk Saree

2. A Colourful Mix Of Pink-Yellow-Golden-Sea Green Kanjeevaram Saree

3. South Indian Bridal Looks In Beautiful Glossy Pattu Saree

4. Red Kanchipuram Sarees For Brides

red kanjeevaram sarees
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5. Royal Looks Of Brides In Gorgeous Pattu Sarees

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