20 juda hairstyles for brides-to-be

Juda Hairstyle

The wedding season is on and it’s bound to be socially distant but bomb! A wedding season is all about bonds, memories, and the couple. A bride is bound to be the highlight of the day! (or night) From a bridal makeover to their handpicked lehengas, to accessories. Everything needs to be on point for these gorgeous ladies. And one area which requires equal levels of perfection by the artist and a nod from the bride is none other than the hair. Women have a variety of choices when it comes to hairstyles. Thank god! From flowy, french braids to juda. Here are 20 juda hairstyles perfect for the queen of the day!

1. Opt for a clean braided bun

2. Wear a modern messy bun

3. A simple juda bun can never go wrong.

Round bun
Via Pinterest

4. Or wear a genda + rakodi bun

5. Go classic but bold! Wear a double colored juda with rakodi

6. A flower studded juda hairstyle for a bride-to-be

7. Wear a genda net for a stunning hairdo! A women favorite for juda hairstyles

8. Wear a mix of jewels and flowers.

9. Not a big fan of floral hairdos? Opt for a jeweled juda hairstyle

10. This mix and match of two coordinating colors is winning our hearts

11. An artificial pollen studded juda

12. A pinch of blue baby’s breath

13. Adorn your bun with your choice of rose. A gorgeous pick for the day.

15. A pop of bold red for the minimalist in you

16. Wear a west inspired artificial silver wreath

Best hair accessory
Via Etsy

17. Or opt for a floral wreath

18. Not a big of floral or wreath hairdos, but want a clean look? Opt for a hair accessory!

19. A clean and classy countryside inspired juda hairstyle

20. Be a queen on your big day. Literally!

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