10 Craziest Groom Entry Ideas for 2020

Wedding day is one of the most memorable yet important days of our lives. Getting married to your loved one, in the presence of your family and friends is a day most of us await for. While bridal entries have always been in fashion, here are 10 craziest groom entry ideas for 2020 that are sure to make jaws drop.

Here are 10 craziest groom entries in trend-

1. The biker groom

What is cooler than making a grand entry on a vintage Royal Enfield or Harley Davidson bike?

2. Landing the adventures way

Marriage is a jump to another phase of life, unless you literally want to jump in it. Have no fear of heights? And always up for adventure? Make sure to make everyone’s jaw drop with this entry.

3. Welcome on board

The most Bollywood-centric entry every! Is to make a grand entry from a copper or better riding your own aircraft. Why not have your own K3G moment?

4. Beyond the seven seas

Whooshing through 7 seas! Here comes the groom on a jet ski to drown into the ocean of love.

5. The royal entry

Tired of traditional horse mounted entry, why not ride something royal? Royal lavish lifestyle has always had Elephants associated to it. So what is better than feeling like a king on your special day?

6. The boat ride

Boat entries are the homely yet cute element hit with everyone. Simple elegant yet unique, this trend is popular in southern states, especially Kerala.

7. The one with the best man entry

Why not be filmi on your biggest cinematic day? Hop on a scooter with side car and tag along your own Jai or Circuit.

8. With feet off your ground. Literally!

Turn you ordinary skateboard into a customized magical flying carpet. Aladdin is here for his Jasmine!

9. Go on a nostalgic trip!

Remember the place where you both met? Why not take her into a nostalgic ride? Convert a mini bus into a metro, bus, train, cafe or theater where you saw each other. Or where you/she proposed for marriage.

10. Hot air balloon

While hot air balloon is still a westernized concept, does not mean it’s not possible to make a grand hot entry in it.

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